Monday, August 1, 2011

Our First GOSSIP Video?

When you don't have a lot of new Outlander to wax on have to wax on about everything else!


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  2. I'm going to watch this tomorrow (I need to go to bed), but can you PLEASE do a Discovery of Witches video? I've commented some on the Discovery of Purgatory blog, but I NEED MORE.


  3. hi carol and tracey! love the video and chitchat/coffee talk concept. weekly-- sounds good! throw in those skinny margaritas next time, and rehash true blood some more. carol--yep, do a DOW video. Thanks!

  4. First--Loved the video
    second--I have been so busy this summer i haven't been able to come to chat or even get on the site as much as I love to. I have some withdrawls often! I am listening to DinA still. It drags on some times.
    Third--If you are at your local libary in the children section and you are obssed with Scotland and want to share it whith your children you need to find "B is for Bagpipes A Scotland Alphabet" My husbands family is from Scotland so I got it for my little boy to read for his summer reading program. It is Awesome! It mentions Fraser a few times, a Sword dance, it has a tombstone of one John Gray, and J is for Jacobite.
    Anyway I just had to share. I thought it was a cute book, maybe still a little over my sons head but whatever:)