Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brandy got HER Scottish Prisoner!

And look where she read Chapter 1!!!!


  1. Thanks! I wanted to do something funny and this was the best I came up with. I had to put a lot of extra bubbles! lol

    I do take a hot bath every night and read though so this isn't unusual. :)

  2. Oooooooooooo, Brandy!! Havin' a hot bath with Jamie...........so jealous!

    I like your style, LOL!

  3. My first reaction was, "OMG. Don't drop the book!"

    Very fun picture!

  4. I once had a nasty experience of reading in the bath and I wouldn't risk a Diana Gabaldon book to a watery death!

    You are soooo brave.

  5. In my many years of reading in the tub every night, I've only ever dropped a book once. Ironically, it wasn't my book so of course I went out to buy another ASAP.

    Reading in the tub is one of the reasons I don't want an ereader! lol