Monday, November 21, 2011

Eilean Balnagowan is for Sale!

Let's pool our money and buy this puppy!  We can have authentic Outlander parties in the Highlands whenever we want!  It's only 395,000 pounds!  (That's $618,570 American dollars to you and me.)

Can't you just see it now?  You arrive in Glasgow...take a lovely car ride Northwest where you gaze at the gorgeous landscape.  Then motorboat out to the island...where I'll greet you with a lovely single malt and a tray of bannocks.'ll retire to the fantastic castle we've all chipped in on and built.  I like to think of it as "Castle de Purgatory".

After you've freshened up in your authentic Scottish room, complete with tartan rug, gorgeous wood paneling and fantastic four poster with beautiful Scottish linens (which would cause Jamie Fraser to say "Christ, ye could get lost in this thing, Sassenach), we'll all meet down in the garden for another cocktail and a laugh about Jamie and Claire's activities in the Commandant's own garden.

Then we'll all have a wonderful Scottish meal prepared by one of the finest chefs in Scotland (I have to find him first) and a few more cocktails...and listen to a fantastic Scots band, complete with kilts, sporrans and little else.  :)

And that's just Day 1!  Who's with me?


  1. I'll come as the chef! Outlander themed food everyday...all day...(except at the end of the night, then it's deep-fried Mars Bars! Theresa

  2. I love it! Best MOP Gathering ever. :-D

  3. Quick, somebody go and check the rocks on that island... maybe there's some gemstones left for protection by the silkies!! Then we could for sure buy the thing and build us our very own 'purgatory'!!! Yipeee

  4. I think someone should take a trip over there to preview this property. I volunteer.

  5. Hey, somebody has to win the lottery, might as well be us. If we win we'll buy it and it will become the official MOP hangout.

  6. From Lesley (in the UK):

    If you like I'll go check out the island this weekend, and instigate squatters rights on everybody's behalf while we get the funds together (would a yurt with a wood-burning stove be warm enough over the winter do you think?) ;-)

    Then when we buy it and build the castle I'm happy to become a live-in caretaker/hostess/goodwife, (a hard life I know but it's for the good of many) it's only a few miles to relocate after all and my DH is always saying he'd love a change of career.

  7. I think we should 'occupy' that island. the heck with Wall Street !

  8. Typical plonkers let it stay as it is a sanctuary for wildlife,why does the human race always violate nature.