Monday, December 12, 2011

Life Gets in the Way

Lest anyone wonder why I haven't

Let's just say that in addition to wanting to "make it last", I'm also up to my eyeballs in First Grade Christmas Projects.  This week:  Finish the calendars we've been working on since September.  Next week:  Make and decorate 25 gingerbread houses.

If this sounds familiar to anyone: Class Mom Wonder Twin Powers...ACTIVATE!


  1. I've got two class parties on Friday (last day of school); 2nd and 4th grades. How on earth can you make & decorate 25 gingerbread houses??? Are they kits (like Wilton?) I'd like to see a picture of them. Friday afternoon just my kids and I are going to do our gingerbread house and also a village.

  2. Oh please tell me they will be milk carton/graham cookie - gingerbread houses? 25? OMWord.

    Our house has been a gong show since September, too.

  3. They are graham cracker houses - no milk cartons - and thankfully, no baking.

    I will post the finished product - and the directions if I can find them on my computer. Dang. So much info on this thing...but not what I need!