Saturday, December 24, 2011

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

Why post on this lovely Christmas Eve when I can just show you my TEXT with Tracey from last night!

Spoiler alert: Dinna read unless ye are 25% through The Scottish Prisoner!

Carol:  Do u see what I see? Tom is reading DinA!!!!!


Carol:  ROFLMAO! Hello you beautiful Savings and Loan!!!!

Carol:  I just suffered through gay sex with lord John. Blooorrtttttt!!!!

Tracey:  STEPHAN!!!!!!!

Carol:  Blech. I dinna need to hear about bending over pillows or lubing it up with the oil from the dish.  He's like Claire with her bedside lotion!

Carol:  Having one's member in one's hand seems to be a central theme in his book.

Tracey:  You r so homophobic lolol  

Carol:   BULLSHIT!! I just don't want to read about the sex!  Look at Dave O!  He's gay and the mere mention of vajayjay throws him into a tailspin!!  Can you imagine his reaction to lesbian sex?!

Author's Note:  Tracey's and I are self-proclaimed fag hags.  She knows I love the gays. :)


  1. I love you two!! And I love LJ and his sexy times! The first time I read about LJ and some sexy times in BotB, I said to my husband, "I didn't know the 'man on man' stuff would be so hawt!" My husband said, "Never say 'man on man' to me again." :) OKAY!!

    Merry Christmas Eve!!

  2. LOL Hildy!! That is hysterical! My hub did surprisingly well with the Jack Randall stuff in Outlander (I mean - ridiculously well; couldn't have cared less!)

    I guess I should suggest LJG books to him, too. That's why he moved on to Dragonfly...I've told him there's more war stories and manly man stuff as you move forward. AND he wants to learn more about Culloden.

  3. I thought Stephan was HOT! I canna believe I said that..........I was uncomfortable..........but when he was talking about oil......

    Mr.Hildy, ROTFL!!

    Carol, is it your birthday today?????????????????????? Happy Birtday & Merry Christmas!! Thank you for blessing us all with your fabulous blogs this year. Hope you had a fantastic day!

  4. You two are hilarious! Love Outlander Purgatory, & love LJ love fest and all!

  5. Oh my I have been sitting on my hands waiting to talk about this sex scene now for what 3 weeks! I was a bit dissappointed that it wasn't more detailed and hotter....and after it why is he still fantasizing about Jamie - shouldna he be recalling his lusty roll in the sack wi' Stephen....I was a little dissappointed too re: the "his or hers" I really need to hear about how John's gona feel it for days and doesna like to be the one on the "bottom" so to speak.

    Mr Hildy - too funny!!! by the way!