Monday, January 30, 2012

"I Know That Dude!"

SPOILER ALERT:  Dinna read unless you are 48% through The Scottish Prisoner. 

I know the Twilight fans will appreciate my giggling when I read "the Auld Ones" last night.  I couldn't help but picture Carlisle, Edward and the gang hunting in the woods in their suspenders and fedoras.  Yeah yeah...that was "the Cold Ones"...but still.

OK so TELL me I didn't sit right the hell up in bed as I was reading about "a most philosophical sort of Jew" named Sterne and his fascination with all things Harvey Klinger (aka BUGS for those non-Brady Bunch loving Outlander fans.)   WOW.  Didn't see THAT coming.  I love how Diana throws us these little bones so we can have some fun.  So Jamie heard about him before Claire ever met him in Voyager!  Outstanding!

Lastly for this post - WHY did Jamie have the feeling someone was behind him while the Abbot was telling him about the hand (and subsequent body) found in the peat?   Please do NOT answer that if I will find out later!  (Spoiler Freak, party of 1?)  If it doesn't come up later, please do comment away! :)


  1. Just keep reading :)

  2. Thankkkk you Lady Oliver! I love hearing that. :)

  3. I have been listening to voyager and reading SP. I get confused some on where I am sometimes but Jamie told Claire he once met a Jew scientist and they talked about bugs then she met him on the little island hispanola when she also met the little priest with the sheep. It is kinda of fun to read both at once because they are the same time.

  4. mmm now I must do a reread - already!

    In Voyager when J&C were waiting for young Ian to finish at confession? (after Ian killed the one eyed sailor, wink) J told C about Sterne at that time.

    Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Brady Bunch?