Thursday, August 9, 2012

Caledonia Scottish Pub

WHOA!  Do you all remember when I used to wax on about a fantastic, cozy little authentic Scots pub in uptown NYC called Jock Tamson's Bairns?  The first time I ever went in, the bartender, Aiden, actually used the word "sassenach" in every day conversation...and I almost fell off my barstool.

Meanwhile...they closed last year...and Tracey and I (and my Scots-American hubby) were devastated.

That is, until just now when I discovered they have reopened as Caledonia Scottish Pub!!!!

I cannot TELL YOU how excited I am!  They have a MENU on their website that lists their 150 different kinds of whisky!!!  AND they have whisky-tasting nights all the time!  And if THAT weren't enough (and believe me; it is)...they also serve meat pies and sausage rolls!  Mmmm...sausage rolls.  (Said like Homer Simpson.)  If you have never had one; you've never lived.

This is breathing new life into my plans to hold a MOP Gathering in NYC y'all...

PS - Never had a sausage roll or meat pie and want some shipped overnight to you?  I've got just the place!!!


  1. A MOP gathering would be something I would consider spending a grand on airline tickets for... The whiskey bar would be enough for me too!

    I am re-reading Outlander for the first time exactly to the date I started last year. It makes my ol heart constrict with romantic angst all over again. That, and its not the only thing other than whiskey to make me frisky ;)

  2. Christie and I had pasties at the GMHG. They were fantastic.

    I always laugh when I think about the first time I saw them advertised in the UP, there were signs for them everywhere, like as soon as we crossed over from Wisconsin, and I asked George WTF is up with all the signs for pasties? Do they have a ridiculous amount of strip joints up here or something? We learned quickly what they really were. And the secret for really good pasties... lard. And they always asked if we wanted them "with or whithout". Uh... with or without WHAT? Rutabaga! They left off the implied DUMBASS!, which I appreciated.

  3. And we're in for an MOP gathering in NYC, we love it there! We went with our son's 8th grade class trip and always wanted to go back when 8th grader friendly activities didn't limit what we did.

  4. I've never been more happy to be back working in NYC!!! *checks subway map* When are we going???

  5. ok - an MOP gathering in NYC really has my attention. I would come in a flash!

  6. Oh yes please... this sounds glorious! A MOP gathering!!! Yes, please!

  7. MOP Gathering for sure!!! This would be AMAZING!!

  8. Me likey the MOP gathering idea. I live in St Kitts so please plan keeping that in mind. I would love to be there aand will need time to get my ducks in a row.