Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tracey Visits The Poisoned Pen

Tracey is in Arizona on business this week...and made sure to stop by The Poisoned Pen last night.  You know..."Herself", Diana Gabaldon's local book shop that she visits a few times a month?  Yup!  That's the one.  We are on the East coast and have always wanted to go Tracey insisted on paying homage (pronounced "oh-mahj" for this post because I'm a smartass like that.)  ;)

Um, girls (I just met since I started my new job two weeks ago)?  Would
you mind taking my picture with this fantastic book from Diana Gabaldon?
She lives close by with her husband, my best friend Dougggg, ya know. 


  1. Very cool!! I've always wanted to visit there. Maybe some day I'll get there for a book-launch or something?

    Thanks for sharing the picture!


  2. I love the Poisen Pen! I go there all the time. It reminds me of the bookstores when I was young. Small and intimate and great customer service. How long are you going to be in town?
    Sue A

  3. Yikes, what poor spelling...Poisoned

  4. Tracey - you look awesome in this picture! Love the dress and of course the book you are holding ;)

  5. Thanks all--it was great fun to get to the PP after all this time! (And LOL Carol--I've actually known the coworker who took the picture for awhile, so hopefully I didn't come off as THAT crazy!) The PP was AWESOME--like MyMac says, a real old-fashioned, old-world bookstore. Looks like they do tons of signings (there was a big signing going on by an author whose name I didn't get while we were there, and MOP favorite Deborah Harkness was scheduled to sign the next night).

    Scottsdale was lovely as well--tho the heat is definitely not just a rumor! The company I work for is headquartered in Scottsdale, so hopefully I will get back there one of these days. Oh, and it was great fun to be able to tweet DG weather updates (she was in Santa Fe)--there was a big thunderstorm and they got quite a bit of rain, which DG was happy to hear!

  6. That's awesome!!! and Tracey - you look so cute! Love that you had the pic taken. :-)

  7. It's like visiting Mecca for us Sassenachs! Is the book you're holding signed?