Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ron Moore at Comic-Con: Starz: "We Love the Books"

THIS is a fantastic Blastr interview with Ron Moore, taken at Comic-con 2013.  I near about fell off my chair when I read this commentary, direct from the man's mouth:

“We’re at pains to really follow the books,” he says to assure concerned readers. “One of the great things was Starz said to us early on was, 'We love the books, we think they are great so let's make the [show] for the people who love the books. Let’s make it for the fans of the books first and trust that anyone who doesn’t know the material will get swept along in the story like everyone else does.' Nobody ever says that,” Moore laughs. “Typically studios and networks just say, 'Yeah, we don’t really care about the book. We bought it for the cover or whatever…' and then dispense with it very early on [in the process]. This was the rare time when everybody said this is great material and we like the story and these characters so let’s try to get as close to the books as possible in the show and that’s what we are doing.”

Reminded me of my "Please do right by Jamie Fraser" letter from wayyy early on when we just found out about the series.  Something tells me he and Starz are going to do right by us fans.


  1. Everyday I get more and more confident about this production. I love who they cast for Jamie. So far so good! Plus filming in Scotland it just gets better and better.
    Thanks for all the updates!

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  2. Love these books, PLEASE stay with the story don't change anything

  3. As long as Diana Gabaldon has her finger in the pie with the casting of Claire, I'll be satisfied. Sam H. as Jamie was casted perfectly by her. Good luck, Diana and Claire!