Friday, July 5, 2013

UPDATE: Starz now says Sam Heughan is "in talks" to play Jamie Fraser in the upcoming Outlander series on Starz

OK so now Starz is saying that someone jumped the gun and they're "in talks" with Sam Heughan for the role of Jamie Fraser in Starz' upcoming OUTLANDER series.

If he's the guy - My Outlander Purgatory is happy.

If he's not - it was fun while it lasted!

PS - TELL me Sam Heughan's people aren't tickled PINK at the leak!  Either way, everyone in the US knows who their client is now!


  1. I think they leaked the news in a rush of excitement, but as they say "they're in talks" I think they are just waiting to sign the contract. It means they should have waited until the deal is done to make it official. I'm pretty sure it's him! :)

  2. Maybe they leaked the name to see how Diana's so vocal fan base would react. If there was a huge backlash, they would have an out.

  3. It could also be that! Luckily it seems that most of fans are ok. I wouldn't count as valid the opinions of people who think Jamie should have been Conan the barbarian. LOL