Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bronwen Lewis - Fields of Gold

Dear Outlander producers,

Please consider recording a song or two with Bronwen Lewis when looking for music for the upcoming Outlander series on Starz.  I don't watch The Voice, but was sent this by Mar_OFan today and wow.  After only one



  1. Poor girl. Why did no one turn around. She was sensational

  2. She was awesome. The judges are douches sometimes. It's strange who they go with and who they don't at times.

    It would be pretty awesome if STARZ does consider her musically.

  3. Yea a love her. She should sing in the serious

  4. I've given one sound track some thought. OK, this would take place a couple books out from Outlander when Claire is already gone. Play Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms song, then think thick cannon smoke moving/drifting, seeing bits of hilly muddy terrain in the night through the smoke, bodies of both camps on the a distance coming toward the camera, Jamie limping but trying to help a kinsman walk, beat to shit, w/the last of his brothers-in-arms making it to the (can't remember, was it a kirk?) where they will wait out the end. When they are inside, with eyes adjusting to the dark, the camera has Jamie's POV looking at the faces and bodies of these men who have been at his side, off and on, most of his short adult life. Death will come to all of them, and he knows it. All the fight is gone and acceptance has set in. His mind goes to Claire briefly, his eyes close then his lips move as he goes through his last act of contrition.
    A couple words would have to be changed of course to use this song, be but if you want a Scot who can do incredibly haunting music, Mark Knopfler's the one ya' ken. Check out Local Hero for a listen. And the bagpipe for Mist Covered Mountains of Home has to be in the sound track even if it was not written until 1756 (thank you Karen for the Timeline).

    1. OMG Mona - I love this. You are just like me. I put these montages together in my head and then I can't see anything else for that scene!

  5. I always think of Outlander when I hear "Fields of Gold" it's just so haunting and beautiful. She's a fantastic singer but she'd have sing in Gaelic rather than Welsh to be considered for Outlander. I remember watching this when it was originally on TV and couldn't believe that Tom Jones didn't turn round!

  6. I watch The Voice US and can't believe that NO ONE turned for her!!!

  7. Although I watched a longer version on You Tube with comments. I think the younger guy and the older guy had full teams and couldn't turn for her. The younger guy was actually upset that no one turned for her. Will.I.Am said he already had someone similar and didn't want her for that reason and the woman didn't give a reason. I still can't believe it!