Monday, August 12, 2013

Outlander Chat TONIGHT!

Outlander Chat Tonight!  9PM Eastern!  See you there!


  1. For those of you on chat late last night when we were talking about Master Raymond and the blue light. Guess what I found in the FAQs on Diana's site?

    Who/what is Master Raymond? What is his significance? (SPOILER)

    Well, he’s a prehistoric time traveler. I think he came from somewhere about 400 BC or perhaps a bit earlier (not technically “prehistoric,” but they certainly weren’t using written records where he started out), and the 18th century is not his first stop.

    He is–or was–a shaman, born with the ability to heal through empathy. He sees auras plainly; those with his power all have the blue light he has–born warriors, on the other hand, are red (so yes, “the red man” is iconic). He has a rather strong aversion to Vikings, owing to events that happened in his own time; hence his nervousness when he sees Jamie. He’s afraid of them, but he also realizes just what a strong life-force they have–that’s why he makes Claire invoke it (using the sexual and emotional link between her and Jamie) to heal her.

    His descendants–a few of whom he meets now and then in his travels–have the blue light about them, too; in large degree or small, depending on their talents. So he knows Claire, when he sees her, as one of his great-great, etc. grand-daughters. And Gillian/Geillis is another–you notice she has Claire’s sense of plants, though she tends naturally to poison, rather than medicines.

    We’ll see him again–though not in Jamie and Claire’s story, I don’t think. Master Raymond should get his own series of books, eventually. So in fact, we’ll see Claire, Jamie, and Geillis again, then– but as secondary characters in Master Raymond’s story (you recall, Geillis mentions having met “one other” (time-traveler) in Voyager, but doesn’t tell Claire who it is).

    Heaven knows just when we’ll get to that–in about ten years, at this rate–but we will get to it. {grin}

  2. Here is a link if anyone is interested.

  3. Help! I can't figure out how to participate in the chat! I signed in via FB and the chat screen has my name and avatar but I don't see any posts? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  4. Looks like you're trying to chat on the wrong night :-). Our Outlander chats happen every Monday night at 9:00p.m. est. Hope we'll see you next week!