Monday, November 4, 2013

MOP Outlander Mentor Contest WINNER

I am pleased to announce the winner of the verra first MOP Outlander Mentor Contest!!!


SARA and her Outlander Mentor, Joanna!!!!!  

That entry was near and dear to our hearts.  You intrigued us at "Mexican and brownies"...and downright HAD us at "DWDLO" (a Dumbass Who Doesn't Like Outlander).  Oh I cannot TELL you how I laughed at that.  It will be used frequently on this blog; you can bet on it.

Tracey and I totally related to that entry...right down to "logistics for a cross-country premiere date".  (You have no idea how many times we've had that conversation!!)

All of that said....holy cow was this difficult!!  If it were easy, this would have been posted this AM.  Tracey and I have read and reread and shared favorite entries all day (which pretty much matched when we frequently say the same thing in chat, ken?)

So many cherished memories of treasured bookstores...and amazing friendships...and awful illnesses that made us cry and thank God you sassenachs are well and able to post your entries here at MOP.  I have had tears in my eyes all day.  There was not one bad entry; they were all so touching.  I PROMISE you all to forward them to Herself so she can see how much you all love her and this truly unbelievable world she has created.

Thank you all for entering...from the bottom of our hearts.  We are touched that you all took the time to sit down and share your stories with us.  :)


  1. Congrats Sara & Joanna! I liked that entry too!

  2. Seriously you guys--choosing a winner was SOOOOOOOOOOOO tough!! It was such a blast reading all your great stories--we laughed, we cried, we les sighed. We needed to be each other's Outlander Mentor just to get through them all!! Thanks so much to everyone who entered--next time, we need to do a contest with, like, 80 prizes! :-)

  3. Ohmygosh!! Thank you so much! Everyone's was so good, I can't believe it. Most importantly, I'm glad I've introduced DWDLO into our vocab. haha!

    1. Congratulations again, Sara!!

      OMG I bossed my neighbor into reading it and was worried she'd be the DWDLO...but she's now enjoying the I highly doubt it, ken?? ;)

      Can you send your email address and Joanna's to let me know if you guys already have any of the books on audio and prefer anything else. THANKS. :)