Thursday, October 31, 2013

MOP Outlander Mentor CONTEST!

**This contest is now closed and the winners will be announced soon (today soon; not five minutes soon. LOL)  Thank you SO much for sharing your heartfelt stories.  WHAT fun it has been, reading all of these entries.  I will make sure Diana Gabaldon hears about this post.  I'm sure she'll be touched and hopefully she'll be able to read your stories when she finishes MOBY.  :)

Spoiler Alert!  The following contains Outlander spoilers:

At MOP, you know we often talk about an Outlander Mentor™. That's the fellow reader who not only turned you on to the books, but who held your hand as you made your way through them, who listened as you bitched and moaned about Leghair, who dried your tears as you sobbed, "OH MY GOD, JAMIE'S DEAD!!!!", and who les sighed with you each time Jamie whispered "Sassenach"--all without spoiling a thing.

So tell us (in a comment below):

Who is your Outlander Mentor, how did they get you into the books, and how have they supported your obsession?

The winner AND his/her Outlander Mentor EACH win THE OUTLANDER SERIES from!!!! (7 credits total per person)

The winning entry will be chosen based on LET'S HEAR IT!


- Only entries within the comments of this post will be considered.
- Contest ends November 3, 2013 at midnight.
- Winners may choose alternate audio book titles (worth 7 credits total). 
- Book titles must be chosen no later than November 5, 2013



  1. My Outlander mentor is my baby sister, Marybeth. MB, like me, is an avid reader--and, a bonus, she's a teacher so she spends much of the summer reading. She mentioned the Outlander books to me about five years ago and sent me a paperback of Outlander and off I went. We come from a large family of seven kids, but she is my closest sister and we share our love of all things books together--we're twins in that we have practical, no nonsense outsides and soft as mush romantic sharing the books with her has been fabulous. I followed her Outlander tracks, and she, in turn, has followed my dog rescue tracks--calling me when she saved a puppy thrown out the window of a moving car and who clearly had a broken leg. Since then she has taken up dog fostering, walking rescued dogs waiting for homes etc. We also have developed another bond--sharing sock monkey items--so far adult sized onesies, electronic singing, hats, dog Halloween outfit sock monkeys have been sent back and forth! I love my sister and Outlander is one of our major bonding pleasures!

  2. My daughter, Carolina, had broken her neck in a car accident in 2001 so spent a lot of time lying on the couch reading. One particular book kept her very quiet and eventually when she had finished it she threw the book at me and said "Mum, you've GOT to read this one" so I opened it up to have a quick browse.....and spent the next 2 hours reading! At one point, I turned and gave her a smack on the leg and said "You gave your mother this book to read!!!!!" but I kept reading :) We were hooked and "paid it forward" to approx 2 dozen other appreciative ladies. We were stationed in Spain at the time and it had to have the bookstore special order the books and they flew off the shelves as soon as they put them out - the library had to order 4 or 5 copies of each book to keep up with demand. Can't imagine life without Jamie now - being a displaced Scot the books are very near and dear to my heart and I am over the moon that they are filming IN Scotland with lots of Scottish actors - so although it was very distressing to have my daughter break her neck, I dread to think that I might not have found Outlander if she hadn't !

  3. I discovered the series on my own, quite by accident (a free Kindle offering of OUTLANDER)... then I discovered my friend Ruth has read and reread the series a number of times... she's married to a Jamie look-a-like. Surprised her youngest daughter isn't named Brianna!! She's the one that keeps me going when the story gets slow, you all know the spots I mean. She's my one IRL friend that totally gets my obsession - she doesn't think I'm crazy. She knows what JAMMF means! We are counting the days to MOBY!! We would love to count the days to OUTLANDER on STARZ, but neither of us get it. She's the one that loaned me the next book in the series when the library didn't have it... I've gotten her started on the Lord John books - she didn't know they existed.

  4. My Outlander Mentor is Lora Ridinger. She had read the series in a book club. I'm very SCOT-Irish. She told me I should read the book because the main character spoke Gaelic to his lady. I love the Gaelic language so of course I took the bait. I love Jamie's spirituality and scenes between Claire and the monks at the monastery.

  5. My sister got me hooked on the Outlander Series. She told me how wonderful they were but wouldn't tell me why. She would just tell me to read them and I would see with a twinkle in her eyes. This was back in the 1990's and I think there were two or three books out at that time. I finally broke down and started to read Outlander and came to the spot where Jamie needed to spank Claire and I was OUTRAGED, that he would even think to do such a thing! I was hooked at this point but my sister didn't know that yet. She held smiled at that part and told me to just keep reading with a knowing smile on her face. We have read all the books over and over and over again. My sister and I re-read them together sometimes and talk about them all the time. We even got my mother hooked on them! Normally when we find out one of us is re-reading the books the others two of us will start re-reading them too.

  6. I don't have an Outlander Mentor. I found the books all by myself and didn't have anyone to hold my hand through it. I have bossed a few people into reading them, though. And I've made so many friends through the various Outlander fan communities online; I'm sure I could find someone to share the prize with if I win :)

  7. Believe it or not my mentor was my darling husband. We picked up the first book at a book store in 2010. It sounded interesting to me but i didn't read it. Which surprises me now that i look back because I'm a reading fool. My husband read the first book in a DAY and told me straight "you have got to put that book down and read this book".I knew it had to be good if my husband suggested it. I don't like putting books down while i'm in the middle of them but i did on this occasion because i kept on catching him stare at me. ALL NIGHT. It was almost like a silent "JUST DO IT". I read it, not in a day (because hubby is a super reader) but two days. I was hooked. We both were. After that we spent two weeks hunting down the rest of te books that were out. Not every store had every copy :( . When we finally got them all up to the current print we read our behinds off. It was amazing. I loved just reading book after book. I do wish i found them sooner though. However the good thing is that we did. I love these books and i love the fact that my husband got me hooked. I relish the idea that we can just sit and talk for hours about them. My hubby has fueled my obsession immensely. Whatever little trinkets he can find he buys them for me, listens to me babble about all the characters (good or bad..More Jamie though). Not to mention that he now lets me read the books first. What a man! Oh and did i mention that i love KILTS, and JAMIE. My hubby understands, LOL!

  8. My Outlander Mentor is my best friend, Kasey Randolph. She loaned me her books to read; I got hooked on them, went out and bought a set of my own. I found myself anxiously awaiting each new book in the series, which I would pounce on as soon as they were released and devour as quickly as I could. We would call each other on the phone: "Have you read chapter 10 yet? Can you believe that happened? Can you believe what she/he did?" The anticipation of what was to come next; the excitement and energy of the discussions. Kasey not only introduced me to the saga, she helped the stories and the characters to come alive and to remain alive in me. I am truly grateful to her for introducing me to 'Outlander'.

  9. My best friend Jenna got me hooked. We were talking about good books and she turned me on to the series. I have in turn told everyone I know about the awesome Scottish family I have. Jenna and I sat for hours planning the series and the actors we felt were most suited for the parts. Oddly our choices are not far off what STaRZ has picked.

  10. My Outlander Mentor is my BFF Chris. We've been friends for almost 30
    years and have always been avid readers. Her tastes have been different than mine so when she suggested Outlander years ago I said no way. I didn't even give it a chance! Right before Echo came out I gave it a go and it is, by far, my Favorite series. Diana Gabaldon has spoiled me for any other author. Her turning me on to Outlander has been the best gift she's ever given me!!!

  11. As a lover of long tomes, I found Outlander many years ago while looking for an escape novel primarily based on the fineness of the print and the number of pages. I like epic novels, i.e. James Michener. I was on active duty with the Air Force and was working loooong hours away from home and this series really helped pass the time. Now long retired from the Air Force, I continue to enjoy this series, share far and wide my love for these characters and look forward to every release with great anticipation. Linda L in Tennessee

  12. Who better to be my Outlander Mentor than my older sister, Jennifer Carr. Ever since I was a little girl, I've looked up to my big Sis. I wanted to be like her in sooo many ways. From huge, teased out 80's bangs to my love of music, so much stems from her influence. A few years back my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I'm pretty sure she knew exactly what she was doing introducing the Outlander series to me at that time(during which I was also pregnant with my third). She gave me something to lean on, something to escape to when times got too tough(surgeries, hospitals stays, ect). The Outlander Series has been a huge part of my life (and our conversations) since and I too have been able to 'mentor' others into this beautiful world. I owe it all to my big Sis...Jenny; remember it may have paid off to be older sis back when you were set on marrying Joey McIntyre(from NKOTB) and 'claimed' him. Well Joey Joe is all yours, I 'claim' JAMMF!! haha...paybacks ;)

  13. My Outlander mentor is my girlfriend Melissa. We've known each other since we were 13, although, she didn't notice me as anything other than her brothers best friend until we were in our mid 20's. She's obsessed with all thing's Diana Gabaldon/Outlander. I was finally convinced to read them and to my surprise they've become my favorite series by far. Melissa sends me links to all the Outlander related FB pages. Somehow she's convinced several people to start this series and her enthusiasm infects all of them to the point they become fanatical lol. And another thing, any author who can meld her genius and at the same time make you lust for the next sentence as Herself does....well, I'll be a slave to her writings til the end. ;)
    “But I talk to you as I talk to my own soul," he said, turning me to face him. He reached up and cupped my cheek, fingers light on my temple.

    "And, Sassenach," he whispered, "your face is my heart.”
    ― Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber . “I want to hold you like a kitten in my shirt, and still I want to spread your thighs and plow ye like a rotting bull. I dinna understand myself.”
    ― Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber.

  14. I am an avid reader an can spends HOURS in a bookstore. On one of these occasions I discovered Herself!!!! I found one of the latest editions on the figured Jose and was instantly drawn to it. But of course, I was aware,after reading the insert, that this was a series so I ran as fast as I could to the section with all of her books. To the horror of my husband I bought the whole series right then and there and began to dervour them. I have been hooked since then. I have told every reader friend I have about them. Recently I was selected as an Outlander Ambassador and was awarded 5 Outlander books to give away. Well, a friend at work was given one but she was in the middle of a series of her own so she let her Mom read it first. Since then I have heard all about how her Mom has gone crazy over the series. Every few days she asks for the next in the series. Mind you now, I don't loan my books out but to a very select few people, but was so tickled at her Moms response that I just HAD to let her borrow them. I mean really, wouldn't that be the ultimate tourture to someone to not be able to know what happens next?! Suffice to say, she is now reading ECHO and I can't wait to have a partner in crime to wait with me for book 8. I have the audiobook of Outlander and often go to sleep listening to it. I don't have the money right now to get the rest and this would be like the ultimate Christmas day if I could win the whole series in audiobook. I mean I could die a happy woman. Well once I got to see the STARZ series first of course.

  15. My mentor is my mother who often responds to questions with "well I read in this book once...well, ok it was Outlander" seemed to me that many of lifes questions could be resolved by reading Outlander so when I was going through my divorce I picked it up. It helped heal my wounded heart. We help each other with our Outlander obsession by handing out Oultander novels to those we would like to engage in profound Outlander conversations. This year I will be giving two out for Christmas.

  16. Mata Merino is my Outlander Mentor. The girl begged me, told me, yelled at me to read these books promising the unattainable, the impossible, the unbelievable...... The PERFECT MAN!! Since I will never say no to a challenge, I started reading.

    Really Mata??? 1945?? Dullish historian husband??? Mentor - Keep reading.

    Old Scottish church ladies???? I could always go over to my mother-in-law's for this. Mentor - Keep reading.

    Time travel and Redcoats???? I hated history class. Mentor - Keep reading.

    Young handsome Scot, hmmmmmm. Mentor - Keep reading.

    BAMMM!!!! James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser!!!!

    I LOVE you Mata Merino!!!! You held my hand through the misery, the pain and the tears. You were there for the laughs and the joy and the frustration even though you are in Costa Rica and I am in Montreal and I am forever in your debt for introducing me to this series. I have never doubted your choice of books again. And now we are mentoring Airalee in San Francisco while she embarks on this beloved journey. I love you my friend <3
    P.S. I got my mom hooked too

  17. My Outlander Mentor is my friend, Cecilia. Cecila, urged me for years to read the book. I tried, the first time, and was sure I was too good for "romance literature"! She was however, so patient and non-judgemental, and urged me on. You see, Cecilia is a dentist. When ever she works on a patient who has a complicated dental procedure, she puts the "Outlander" book-on-tape (as we used to say) on the patient! She promised me that the book was so good, that all of her patients, male and female, hardly felt their dental procedures when they were listening to "Outlander". She told me that she had some patients who at times would bolt up-right, and stop her from working, gasping at what they were listening to -- gasping in a wonderful way about the book! The more I heard Cecilia talk of how it was the best anesthetic (of course accompanied by the more medicinal kind) that she could use, the more I thought -- I have got to read this. And, the rest is history. I've read them all, some several times. When I found MOP I felt like I had found all these like minded people and it was thrilling. I told Cecilia about it, but she is so busy drilling away, she doesn't have time. And, by the way, she now has the whole series in Audio which all her patients listen to while in the chair!

  18. My Outlander mentor would be my big sister, Judy. She found Outlander when it first came out and lent it to me. After I devoured it, I went to the bookstore (before the days of cells and internet) and discovered that DIA had just been released and there was a third one expected! I ran home and called her to let her know so she could run out an buy it!! Since then she and I (and now my other sister and both their oldest daughters) run to the store and buy each book as it comes out and text each other all the way through.

  19. I didn't have an Outlander mentor. For some reason for years and years and years I kept skipping over these books whenever I saw them in the bookstore. I don't know why because everything about them seemed right up my alley. I'd pick them up, read the back, put them back. I think I was protecting myself from the insanity of reading them too early and not having the next book. I'd seriously be institutionalized if I had read them any sooner and had to wait so long. LOL. Anyway, finally in 2010 I got my first e-reader and went online to our local library to scope out what ebooks I could borrow. Outlander came up along with the other six books in the series. I checked it out and started to read it that night. And it was pretty much over after that. I finished Outlander in 2 days. I told my friend Donna about how strung out I was over it and she suggested I take a break before starting book two. I nodded while in my head thinking, "NO WAY YOU'RE CRAZY". LOL. So....I ended up reading the first three books in a week and half. I was crazy obsessed and then made Donna immediately check out Outlander and start reading. We've both been crazy obsessed ever since. But I pretty much had no one to hold my hand through the first three books. After that it was a community effort because I scoured the internet and found MOP! Thank God!! I'm not the only crazy one!

  20. Last December, at a family holiday party, I asked a couple of "reader" relatives for a book recommendation. Both threw out a few titles, then both, at the same time, said "Outlander!", sighed, and said...Jamieeeeeeee. I downloaded Outlander onto my Kindle that night, and have read the entire series, including the Lord John books, multiple times since. But they were not quite as obsessed as I've become, so I had no one to share my reading journey with. That's when I discovered My Outlander Purgatory. As I've told both Carol and Tracy before, you became my book club, and I read your blog as I was reading through the series, as if reading with friends. So again, thanks for sharing your comments, and keeping my obsession company through my reading of the series. Andi

  21. My Outlander mentors are Joy and Jodilyn. A few years ago, Joy told me to read this great book called Outalnder. I started it, and realized that I had already read the series back when Drums of Autumn was the final book. I reread the first four, and then started on the next three. Joy got Jodilyn reading them at the same time, and we would constantly check in with each other where we were in the books. It was tremendous fun to be reading along with friends, all of the Oh My God scenes, the page references for the best scenes (you know what I mean!) and then the tears when it was over and we realized we would be waiting (and waiting!) for book 8.

    Then, we discovered the Outlander world online, and the audio books, and our local highland games, and NOW, the TV show! (And on Starz!! We three also have a slight obsession with Spartacus)...and the obsession lives on.

    It has and continues to be such a hoot to share all of the Outlander goodness, the crazy Jamie love, with close friends! It has gotten each of us through tough times, being able to forget for a bit while you sink into Outlander-land (new amusement park anyone?) I am so grateful to my friends to sharing it with me.

  22. My Outlander mentor is the fabulous Tonya Ruff! She re-discovered them when we both got our first Nooks. I was reading another book at the time and Tonya tells me I have to drop what I'm reading and immediately ... IMMEDIATELY .. I.M.M.E.D..I.A.T.E.L.Y. ... read Outlander. Remember when Rupert comments about what Jamie looked like after the honeymoon with Claire - now picture Tonya all strung out from the emotions of the book and nonstop reading. Yea, that's what I was faced with. So, with that picture in your head, at first I was thinking .. whatever, this is just another book that you really like and trying to pass off to me. Besides, I'm already reading something else and I'm not one to quit a book. Anyhoo, lucky enough for Tonya and myself, that book got put down (ask me the title and I would even be able to tell you now!) and my life has never been the same since. I read the first 3 books (over 2,400 pages) in 2 1/2 weeks. My world officially tilted on it's axis and I never want it to go back. I have read and re-read and re-re-read so many times I've lost count. Tonya & I are officially joined at the hip with this Outlander obsession and I couldn't ask for a better mentor!

  23. I didn't have a mentor to get me started on the Outlander series...I became intrigued by it when I read excerpts posted by The Broomstick Goddess...I kept reading those, until I finally decided it was time to start reading the books and see what the fuss was about. I ordered the first book from but then I couldn't bring myself to read it until I had ordered at least two more so that I would be ready to start a new one as soon as I finished one, then when I would finish a book I would order a book until I had the whole set. I started reading them in April of this year and read the last one in October. Now I want to Lord John series and read them. Debbie

  24. As with any successful drug dealer, my friend and former co-worker, Sheryl, tempted me with so many tasty little Jamie morsels until I just couldn't stand it anymore and had to buy Outlander! My addiction grew and now I have all the books displayed on my bookshelf…and I’m not ashamed. I do get a little wonky in between fixes and I think the new Starz series might put me over the edge. Sheryl so deserves this prize. See y’all in rehab!

  25. I was told about the Outlander Series by my daughter Kamie who has been my comforter and encourager ever since. She was the start of my obsession 8 years ago but no one could have predicted what these books would do to me. I took off traveling to sites that Jamie and Claire lived or shopped or were captured. I went to Alamance to see where Roger was hanged as a Regulator, I drove to Moore's Creek Bridge Battlefield where so many Scottish were killed after Flora MacDonald's passionate speech at Aunt Jocasta's Plantation. I drove to New Bern, Wilmington etc. etc.
    Kamie is no longer surprised when she receives a text "I am at the Governor’s Palace. I wonder what room Claire is held prisoner?” Or, "I just stepped into the surgery at Fort Ticonderoga ... I wonder where the garden is that she and Jamie had sex? You know; the garden wall!!!" I followed the trail south of the Fort as Ian and Jamie followed Claire who had been captured by the British and William was there getting her whiskey. Of course, I then went on to Saratoga; the shot that killed Simon Fraser and onto Philadelphia where the Lord John is looking for medical help.
    This June I drove to Fergus Canada to hear "herself" speak when she mentioned that the next book MOBY is centered on the battles in Monmouth, NJ. So off I went; spending 4 days at the battlefield taking tours with the National Park Guides, photographing the landscape and the church that was used as a hospital.
    My Purgatory? Maybe, I do feel blessed and purified every time I re-read the books. I have spent 4 years driving around the US with the blessings of both of my daughters, Kamie and her sister (who has not read the books so does not really understand the #OutlandishThingsWeDo), who support my need to be free and to go. And the best thing is that my girls know, "If the last thing I say is not "I love you", then I did not have time".

  26. My Outlander mentor is my friend, Evi Pazmanczyk. Last year I mentioned that I wanted a love like Noah's and Allie's from "The Notebook". She told me I HAD to read Outlander. I kept putting it off and putting it off then finally decided to pick it up when I ran out of other books I wanted to read. From the minute I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I've completely and utterly fallen in love with all of the characters...with the exception of Leghair. lol Evi also introduced me to a fabulous group on Facebook who shares the same passion/obsession. I've introduced the series to several friends and they all love it as well.

  27. My name is Nancy, and I'm an Outlander addict : ) My good friend and neighbor, Lindy got me started on Outlander years ago. We are still friends (in different neighborhoods) and continue to share our love of the series with anyone who will listen. We live in Alaska, and, to date, Diana has not done a book signing here (sigh). However I was able to order 2 autographed copies of Outlandish Companion several years back, one for each of us...which I was able to pick up at a book store in Ft. Collins, CO. I used to read the books outloud when driving on a family outing around our beautiful state. Ok, so there were many times when I had to read ahead and say "and then they kissed" (our kids were young then). We are eagerly anticipating the STARZ network series, I don't have cable so we're watching at Lindy's house! My daughter met a friend this past year who is named Brianna (her mom read the series while pregnant)...I wonder how many Brianna's, Claire's and Jamie's are out there now because of the series. It's so fun to watch how poeple "light up" when you find someone who speaks "Outlander". I don't know how many times I've re-read the series, I've started again in anticipation of MOBY release and am currently on Drums of Autumn.

  28. I discovered Outlander on my own, seeing it (and other books in the series) on an end-cap display when the newest book at the time (circa 1999 or 2000) was released. I read the cover synopsis, bought the book, and read it in one weekend (I don't think I slept at all that weekend!). I was back at Barnes & Noble first thing Monday morning to buy all the rest that were available at the time. Since then, I've mentored my sister, several friends, my daughter, and some co-workers through the series. I get almost as excited talking with someone else who is reading it as I did when I first read it. And I'm re-reading them all (again) in preparation for the series.

    When The Fiery Cross was released in hardback, I remember being SO excited for it to come out (that was the first one I actually had to WAIT for)! I found out that it was being sold at Costco, so I went to my local Costco store on the release date and waited for them to open. When the doors opened, I was the first one in, and I RAN to the book section (you'd have to know me, I don't run unless someone or something is on fire); I couldn't find it anywhere! I searched the section several times and got more and more panicked. So then I had to find someone who worked for Costco to ask; when I did find someone, they determined that the books were there... they just hadn't been unpacked from the pallet they were packed in yet. I said, "That's fine; I'll wait." Yes, I actually waited for them to get a forklift and get a shrink-wrapped pallet down, so I could buy that book.

  29. I don't have a mentor. I have a daughter named Claire, and an addiction to all things Scottish. So of course, after reading the jacket, I had to read Outlander. I am now on my 4th read, just starting Voyager. I have introduced 2 people to them, and I bought the first 3 books for my mom, but she is dragging on starting them, which is KILLING ME!!! LOL!!!! If I win, I will give the other copy to her. She is super busy and would be more apt to listen to them than read them. I am also working on getting my sisters and cousins hooked. Wish me luck!! :D

  30. My Outlander mentor is my very best friend. I was coming off a vey bad breakup (one which involved an IUD in Iraq) and she gave me this big blue book as a present. It was meant to show me that love was real, it existed, and it was still out there for me. She's always been an ear every time I've had an "OMG!" moment with these books and she's a great sounding board to theories and thoughts. Quite possibly the biggest thing she's done for me is to get me the Anniversary edition SIGNED by Diana herself at Dragoncon in ATL. She's also the mentor and friend I'm taking to Scotland with me over the summer. Our gifts to each other always seem to have an Outlander slant to them. From necklaces with heather from Scotland, or dragonfly earrings. There's no one I'd rather geek out with every time there is a casting announcement!

  31. I didn't have a mentor but have gotten several friends to read the series especially a dear friend and co-worker that starting reading it right after I did. I found Outlander if paperback right after it came out, then went on to DIA and Voyager when they came out in paperback (couldn't afford the hard cover). After that I bought the hard cover books when they came out, couldn't wait for the paperback. I also have the Lord John series and The Outlander Companion. Love the series and the facebook Outlander groups.

  32. Jamie and Claire came into my life as a result of my oldest and dearest friend Deirdre. This introduction to the Outlander series came about around the same time I had signed up for an exchange to the University of Aberdeen for a semester. I devoured the series (what there was at that time anyway!) - a definite distraction from my studies!! By the time I was heading over to Scotland I was re-reading the Outlander for the second time. I was stopped by several stewardesses who couldn't resist mooning over Jaime with a fellow Outlander addict! While attending Aberdeen Uni I joined the hill walking club. There I met my very own 6'3", handsome, auburn haired Jaime Fraser!! (Granted his name was Peter but I was willing to make an exception ;) In due time this man became my husband :) While over there Deirdre joined me for the summer break and we travelled all over that beautiful country, including many sites of our favourite Outlander series such as the World's End Pub in Edinburgh, Hollyrood, Culloden, Urquart castle on Loch Ness and more :) Imagining our favourite fictional characters in all these locations (sometimes it is hard to remember they are in fact fictional!!) She and I still talk about these books and the upcoming STARZ series. I am so very grateful that she introduced me to this series (while at the same time a little disappointed!) Grateful because I have read and reread these books like old friends, disappointed because no books since the Outlander Series have even remotely compared - DG has set the bar impossibly high!

  33. My Outlander mentor is my wonderful, patient mother. She hasn't read the books because she can't read small words without extreme difficulty, but I've read her many passages and told her more than she ever thought she'd know about a couple named Jamie and Claire. For some reason, my friends don't like to talk about books. I love getting into deep discussions, but my friends will tell me to read a book, and then get bored by my opinions. My mother never does. Though she hasn't read them, she will sit in eager silence as I recount Claire being accused of witchcraft and Jamie's timely rescue. Her eyes light up whenever I break out in my Scots accent, and she joins right in, even though her accent is much worse than even mine.When they say goodbye, and I am sobbing into the pages, she sits by me and lets me talk out my emotions. And when I was having a particularly hormonal month and was devastated by the realization that James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser didn't actually exist, she held me and told me all the wonderful qualities in my own father and how someday I'd meet my own Jamie. She is the ultimate book buddy, and I would love for her to experience the story she's heard so much about already. Thanks for this contest. It's such a cool idea.

  34. Mentor is Tricia P, she is my local librarian, and fellow homeschool Mom. I am on Dragonfly in Amber, and I am bugging her about what's next.

  35. My Outlander Mentor was a good friend, who among other things was my children's piano teacher. She introduced me to the first book while I was in treatment for Lyme Disease, and she even dropped her own life (two children ages 7 and 3 at the time) to take me to that treatment which was in a different state from where I live. This initial treatment was to save my life as I was dying from lyme...she accompanied me on the plane, got me via taxi to the treatment center and got me to treatment center twice a day, 3 hrs each session. Further, since my treatment lasted a full 4.5 years she also made sure that I had each book as soon as I'd finished one. I can never thank her enough for all the love and support she gave me. She is an amazing woman, like Claire!

  36. My Mentor is my sister. She had grabbed a copy of Outlander to read on an airplane and it sounded interesting and I bought the first book. Then I got it as an E Book. Then I got them all as e books, and also the novellas and the outlandish companion....... many re reads later I am obsessed with Outlander! Sadly, she hasn't finished the series yet, as she has a very active toddler and not much time to read. So an audio book would be perfect for her. And I would love to add to my Outlander empire!

  37. My mentor is my mother. She was an avid reader her whole life, and was able to read a small book in a day. After my mother passed away two years ago I found "The Fiery Cross" on her bookshelf. I was honestly only attracted to it because of the gold Celtic style brooch on the red cover. We have a family history rich in Ireland and Scotland, thus my interest in all things Celtic. At the luncheon, after her funeral, I was talking with her best friend, Jill. She started telling me a story about going to a used book sale with my mom. She said she had found a book she was going to buy and my mother saw it and told her she could not read that book, it was out of order, and it was from a series. Of course I had to ask what the series was and you already know the answer was “Outlander”. Jill said they were my mother’s favorite books. How was it Jill told me that story not knowing I had one of the books from my mom's bookshelf? Then I knew I HAD to read them. I am just sad we cannot share them. She would have loved hearing about all of the excitement due to the series coming. So…I have now read them, in two years – three times. I am now on book 6 the third time through. I have my husband reading them and I am listening to the first book as an audio book while reading the end of the series. I love knowing they were mother’s favorite books and feel close to her reading them.

  38. I don't really have one of those. There were a few people who turned me onto this series. All avid reader friends. I pretty much had to endure the hard parts on my own though. Lol. Luckily, I'm friends with a few book bloggers who listen to me vent about any books that I need to vent about if I have a "book meltdown" and need backup. I actually want to say that all of these book blog owners are my mentors. They read & review books in their own spare time for no pay. They read the books, so we don't have to. They make it possible for me to skip books I know I won't like, *cough fifty shades cough* so I can move onto stuff I know I will ;) I appreciate all the hard (unpaid) work they do & wanted to give them a shout out. I actually already own all the Outlander Audio Books, but would like to donate them to an online charity auction if I win. So many people would bid BIG money on this as a prize! People LOVE Outlander. Thank you for the chance!


  39. My mentor is my best friend, Lorena. It happened indirectly. Because of her, I read "The Time Traveler's Wife" (in Portuguese, the name is "A Mulher do Viajante do Tempo"), and right after I finished it I went to a bookshop with my parents. For some reason, I wanted to check if they had The Time Traveler's Wife there and the Outlander was right next to it (because the name in Portuguese is very similar, it's "A Viajante do Tempo"), so I caught it and read the synopsis and it all looked so nice... I had no idea hahaha It was quite expensive, so I decided to read it online first and only buy it if I liked it. Not long after I started reading, I was already in love with it, so I told my best friend and sent her the file. Same thing from her side, of course! When we finished, we were so crazy about it that we bought Dragonfly in Amber right away. We're both only halfway through the series, because we decided to buy all of them, and we're students so we don't have much money and because we want to, well, have Jamie for a long, long time. We live in different cities now, so it's hard to share the books :( buuuuuuut it's the best thing when we get together and get to discuss EVERYTHING! I'm so glad she somehow made me find Outlander, we both are.

  40. My Mom got me started. All her fault!!!
    My Mom was going threw some very depressing times w/ in a 5 year period her 2 brothers and 1 sister and our Aunt Nell (the Matriarch of our family) had all passed away, Mom had been very depressed during that time, a friend of hers came up to her and handed her a book and told her to read it, told her it was a Historical Drama set in Scotland. That peaked her interest, Mom had always been interested in our family's herritadige and history, being a MaCutcheon my Grandmother's side of the family, and she is very interested in Scottish History, so she took the book. Her friend had also told her it would seemingly transport her to another place and time. Mom read the book & found it to be true & fell in love with the series. She then sent me a copy and said I need to read the book, I said ok, took me a while to get started, Historical Drama, sounded boring to me, Mom one day told me a little more about the book, boy am I glad I read it!!! She was right, nothing boring about it at all!!! And it did transport me to another place and time, as if I were there watching it all unfold without pages and words in the way. it sure is amazing what the mind can do when aloud to!!! Love this series, can't stop reading the books!!! Thanks to my Mom!!! I Love them!!! And would love to be able to get some housework done & be able to listen to them too!!!

  41. My Outlander mentor is my younger sister, Suzanne. For years she'd smile a very wicked smile and mention Jamie's name but would keep quiet about the books, only that she LOVED them so and didn't want to share "HIMSELF" with anyone! She traveled to Fort Ticonderoga a few years back with her family and her husband had to tell her, "Suz, he's not here!" When I visited with her 2 summers ago (we live in different states) she quietly left the table and returned with the first of Diana's books. As she handed the book to me, done in such a way as if it was her most precious possession...I NOW REALIZE THAT IT IS, she told me that I could have all her books to borrow! I really felt quite honored. I began reading the next day and I was hooked! I read the series that entire summer. I don't think I skipped a day. I'm reading the books, in order, again in preparation for STARZ! We both can't wait for it to begin. I told her if I can't get the show here, that I'm driving 200 miles, each way, every week to see it with her! She'll be turning 40 next February (She might not be too happy with me disclosing her age. BTW her son, Thomas, my godson, tells me that I look younger!!! ;)....anyway, she wants to go to Scotland for her birthday with her husband, Joe. They don't know this, well now they might, but I will be stowing away in their luggage! We both share a love of history and romance so it's so nice to share the Outlander books with her.

  42. Deloris C. Oct. 31 at 4:52 PMOctober 31, 2013 at 6:03 PM

    My mentor would be my very best friend since we were 14, now in our 60's so do the math!! We now live several states apart and do not get to see each other anymore, but are still as close as ever and love to tell each other about the books we are reading. Several years back she sent me a surprise package with Outlander in it with a very strict note "DO NOT SKIP TO THE END AND SPOIL THIS" she also made me promise to read past the 7th chapter. She knew if it did not catch my interest right away I would put it down. Well thank goodness I listened to her. I could not put the book down, and therefore became a huge fan with her. We have had so much fun discussing these books, and now can't wait for the series to talk about also. Thanks

  43. My Outlander mentor was fate! In 1992 I visited a little bookstore in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho and the beautiful paperback with the golden clock with the broken face, the tartan plaid and the sgian-dubh on the cover caught my eye. I picked it up and have been smitten ever since. I have, however, been an Outlander mentor many many many times throughout the years. I remember the first person I ever told about it. She was my closest friend who lived 4 hours away. I told her that if she hated it, I didn't want to know about it, because the book was a reflection of my heart. I received a card in the mail about a week later that read only: "Chapter 15, Revelations of the Bridal Chamber . . . oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." Today, I listen to Outlander repeatedly on my kindle via Audible. I have cancer, and life, of course, is stressful. The familiar words of Outlander sooth my tattered psyche as I drift off to sleep at night. The story will never grow old.

  44. My daughter Jessica is my mentor to the wonderful Outlander series. She read them and loved them, kept asking me to read them. I was leery thinking what kind of book would a teenage love that I would enjoy as well? Her persistence finally paid off. While home sick I started the series and couldn't have been more wonderfully surprised! It only took 3 days to tear my way through book once and the rest is history. I have reread the series twice and well Jessica, at least 4 times. Talking about spending time with Jamie and Claire is our way of saying we are going to read one of the Outlander books. We talk about them as if they are real people, and to us they are. We discuss the books on every re-read, finding little tid bits the second or third time around to share. They are wonderful, I can't wait for book 8 and the series. I would like to have an Audio book, I could then hear the correct pronunciations of the names, would love to hear a Scottish accent and see if the reader is engaged in the book and is expressing sentiment, or joy or surprise just the way I do when I read these wonderful books. Thank you for considering us!!

  45. I found Outlander on my own about 20 years ago. Didn't realize it was a series until I passed a book store and saw Dragonfly In Amber. I actually screamed in the mall!. Of course my kids at the time tried to drag me passed the bookstore but I wasn't having any of that! At that time, I was in the habit of reading the end of the book first. (sorry!) I was so mad I wouldn't read it until Voyager came out. Read the end of that one and it ended the way I wanted it to (Jamie and Claire together). So I went back and read Dragonfly In Amber and then Voyager. I have since repented of reading the endings first! I have turned a friend, my sister, and one daughter into Outlander fans. Working on another daughter and co-worker!

  46. I am an Outlander Mentor. I found the books on my own about 15 years ago. I read the first one in a few days and bought the next few books in 1 shopping trip. I then passed them on to my mother, who taught me my love of reading. I have since introduced about 20 women to this series. The only person that won't read it is afraid she will get as caught up in the series as we are.

  47. I don't have a mentor, but I have quite a few Mentees! I found Outlander when Costo carried the first 4 paperbacks. HOOKED! I have Outlander friends far and wide, have two that met Diana here in the states, one who had lunch with her in Australia (so jealous) and I aspire to meet her at some future point. Pick me, I so want to hear the audios!

    PS I am traveling to Savannah and Charleston with my Aussie Outlander fan this coming week, to see the colonial city centers! How is that for hooked?

    1. Oh, and I have a classic "Ladies of Lallybroch" t-shirt from the late 90's! I would love to share this with Louise Dunham.

  48. Reading is my lifetime passion. I learned English at school and kept reading in English, as much as I could. I love historical fiction and I am always looking for good reads, which I buy through Internet or, whenever I travel, I find time to go to browse in a bookstore. Reading in English I don't have many people with whom to share my readings. So I found Outlander by myself, through my love for Scottish culture. I didn't start it straight away; I must confess it was for a while looking at me from my bookshelf and me feeling guilty for having it there unread. By the end of the summer I finally picked it up and it never left me since then. Became a FB fan, I read Outlander blogs like yours, and now I have Twitter! I follow all Outlander almost daily, it's like being a teenager again! I have mentored my sister in law and some old school friends, but I am definitely the worst! I've just bought a copy in Spanish so I can lend it to other friends, and I am so looking forward to sharing the series with my non reading daughters. They went to a Scottish school, so we share our love for Scottish culture. I will be so happy to share my love for the series with them.

  49. My Mentor is a former co-worker, We meet about 5 years ago when she was hired to teach at the school I was teaching at. We have both moved on from that school, but remain friends.

    While she was visiting one day last December, she mentioned I should read OUTLANDER. So I decided to take her advice. I never looked back! The series helped me during a dark time in my life, and helped me while walking my way to loosing 60 pounds and LOTS of inches. I'm on my second time through. I listen and read along. Still walking the treadmill with Jamie, Claire, and the Fraser Clan.

    Whenever I want to discuss some aspect of the book, I just call or email my friend. In the meantime, I have a Mentee! She just finished the books and is now reading the LJG series. As she was reading, she tried to get me to do spoilers. I wouldn't do it...most of the time.

    Thank you, for hosting this giveaway! It's verra nice of you!

    Lorey Christensen
    Salem, Oregon

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  51. My Outlander mentor is my cousin, Shelly Pilette. I live in Arizona and Shelly lives in Michigan. Shelly and I both loved to read and last year she recommended Outlander to me. On my birthday November 25th I downloaded Outlander to my Kindle and was instantaneously hooked! I couldn't put it down. I am a sleep hound but I would even find myself waking up at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning grabbing my book and reading until my alarm clock went off at 6:00 a.m. During May (about 6 months later) I finished the entire series. All the while Shelly and I would discuss the books via Facebook she even introduced me to her friend Carol (who lives in Texas) who was also reading the books for the first time at the same time I was. We are like a mini book club. Once I finished the series and was having JAMMF withdrawals Shelly continued to recommend the novellas and The Outlandish Companion. The 3 of us also keep up on the buzz regarding the upcoming Starz series and of course news and updates from "HERSELF". In 2015 Shelly, Carol and myself are planning a trip to Scotland to visit the places Jamie & Claire introduced us to in the book. Shelly is currently re-reading the series in preparation for the Starz Series. I would LOVE to share the audio books with Shelly to repay some of the enjoyment she has given to me!!!! No one is a bigger Outlander Fan than we are!!!!

  52. My Outlander mentor is my good friend, Mimi. She got me started reading the books. I received copies from an Outlander contest, so I gave away what I could, and we had a good discussing Jamie, Claire, and the all the rest! I also found more Outlander fans amongst my book club. I just love the series! Charlene

  53. I had read a few of the books about 5 years ago but my friend at work, Barb, got me interested again. She even went to the library and got the series out on books on tape so I could listen at work and driving home. Now she has downloaded the series on her IPhone and has loaned the phone to me so I can listen all the time. She is an ambassador to the Outlander series and is the best. Oh aye!

  54. My Outlander Mentor - is my best friend, Beth. We became friends 'over the net' - IMing back and forth for a few years - and finally met up in Montréal, Canada. Beth is from Oregon and works for a thrift shop - in the book department no less - and she 'fell over' this 'Fantastic, historic, wonderful, book that is based in Scottish history and you'll love it!' just a few years ago - and I did and do love it and all of the series. I am a Brit .. in fact I AM a 'sassenach' as I am English and from London, and my husband is the Scot from Edinburgh. Until 4 yrs ago we lived just outside Edinburgh not far from Rosslyn Chapel where our daughter was married - she now lives in Dunfermline with her family. Our son has just moved to a village called Ormiston, which is not far at all from Preston Pans. My husband [yes he has green eyes too ... bonus!] and I retired to northern Portugal 4 yrs ago - and so I have ordered the books online, waiting restlessly and avidly for the postman and his little puffy envelopes containing 'JAMIE!!!!' lol!! My husband also loves the books and is in fact re-reading the first one, Outlander again right now. It's been great for us - to be whisked back to Scotland, where we lived together for over 24 yrs - and recognise all the names and places!! And as an ex nurse too - I have loved following Claire's journey through the past, learning more about herbs etc as she goes ...

    We only have one 'complaint'. Put an Outlander book in our hands ... and we don't get any sleep for days !! lol!!!

  55. My sister Mary Kennedy got me hooked on the Outlander Series. She kept telling me to read them and how great they are. She would ask me every time we spoke either in person or on the phone “Did you start reading them yet, you really need to read them, oh my, you have no idea and Jamie, wow” I have just started reading them and when I speak to her now, she asks did you get to this part or that part. It is quite funny because she has re-read them several times already and can’t wait to see what part I am up to. We are Scottish and I love the Scottish brogue, as I have grown up listing to it my entire life. Being that, both of my parents are from Paisley, Scotland. So, I am really enjoying the way it is written and I love to read it as if I were there when it all took place and I am hearing them with the brogue first hand.
    I am really looking forward to the TV series coming out, so I can hear the brogue and see how this wonderful series unfolds. So, I better get a move on, so I can finish the books before the series is released. The next time I go back home to Scotland I would like to go and see the stones.

  56. My Outlander mentor is my online friend Tia. She's actually my vampsmut dealer. We met online on a paper crafting forum discussing Twilight of all things. She recommended the BDB series by JR Ward and surprised me with them for my birthday! I gobbled up those and she sent me another vamp series (IAD). After I finished those, I asked her.."Who is this Jamie you speak of?" That was all it took. I raced through all of the books, being sure to have the next on waiting. And the Lord John books. And everything else Dian Gabaldon writes. I had borrowed all of the books from the library and requested the set for my own use for Christmas last year. Now it's my turn to 'hook' another friend on Outlander. She's is listening to the audio version and can't wait to talk to me about it each time we meet!

  57. My Outlander Mentor is my best friend Debbie. She gave me Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber right before a flight to Tucson in 1994. We and another friend were going to visit a mutual friend that lived in Tucson. While there, we all took a trip to Las Vegas and a quick drive by the Grand Canyon. Well, needless to say, I didn't really see much of the sights - or my friends!

    Over the years we've discussed the books endlessly, and now with the TV series coming, we are TOTALLY fangirling all over the place! I called her during the NYCC and we discussed events for an hour. We even ended up purchasing the exact same Heughligans shirt.

    We've been friends for 47 years, and I look forward to many more Outlander talks!

  58. Lori Tinsley, best friend since 1979, encouraged me to read the Outlander series in 2008, when my three boys were finally old enough not to burn the house down when I wasn't looking. Luckily, Diana G occasionally visits Atlanta and we've created several new Outlander groupies as we've piled friends into my van and hauled them along for book signings and lectures (Decatur Book Festival & DragonCon). I'm now encouraging a brand new group of converts to read Outlander, but I still swoon and sigh over the re-reads with my best girl, Lori. I've heard the audio version of the Outlander series is fantastic!

  59. I began reading the Outlander Series because a dear co-worker Tonya B. quite simply wouldn't leave me alone about it.
    Truth be known I was going through a very trying time. Not only did she stand by me and support me, she introduced me to my favorite series of all times. When I think of all the long discussions we had about Jamie, Claire et al. Little did I know at the time, that when I was reading and discussing the books, I wasn't mourning my son. I was intrigued, happy and hopeful.
    I read the series over and over and still discover the same enjoyment and appreciation of time well spent.
    To Dianna and Tonya, my forever thanks to you both.

  60. My Outlander Mentor is my friend Jennifer. I met Jennifer through my colleague and teaching partner Peter. Jenn and Peter became good friends of mine.
    In 2007, I was not a reader at all. I remember reading a lot when I was a kid and teen. As I went through university and Teacher's College, reading was assigned and not done for pleasure. At the end of the five years, I was done with books.
    Jenn told me that I should read Outlander. I can tell you, I was not keen to pick up a book that was over 800 pages. However, I did start reading. Jenn had told me to stick with the book for a couple of hundred pages and then I would not be able to put it down. I can't say that I believed her. I can remember reading about Claire's hair. I can remember reading about Mrs. Baird and her hoovering. I can remembering thinking, "what is Jenn talking about?" Then I met a ghost on a blustery Scottish evening. My curiosity was piqued. Needless to say, I stuck with the novel.
    Outlander was the first novel I ever stayed awake for. Outlander was the first novel that made me wake up in the middle of the night to pick up and continue reading. Outlander was the first novel that I ever reread. Outlander was the first novel in what has now become a long list of books read since 2007.
    Obviously, I continued reading the series. I remember ordering DIA and Voyager online and waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I was so glad that I had Voyager when I completed DIA as I didn't even skip a beat ending one book and beginning the next.
    I credit Jenn with starting, what is now, my love affair with reading. I credit Outlander (and the miraculous writing of Diana Gabaldon) with making me a lover of great literature.
    As a result of my reading The Outlander Series, I have been able to pass on the love of all things Outlander to a number of friends and colleagues. I love to hear their reactions to different aspects of the series. I never spoil any part of the books, even when readers insistently ask specific questions. I knowingly smile and let them know I understand their angst (and joy) and would love to hear what they think as they continue reading!

    Thank you Jenn for introducing me to Outlander. More importantly, thank you Outlander for reigniting my love of reading.


  61. My sister-in-law got me into Outlander. We are both bookworms and she graciously allowed me to borrow book one in paperback (hardcover copies of hers are not loaned out and now I know why!) I was instantly hooked the moment Claire met Jamie. And because of Outlander, DG, and my sis I am officially obsessed with all things scottish (mostly kilted men and/or a scot accent!) I have also learned soooo much about not only scottish history but american history as well. I am always on the lookout for historical fiction now, even though I know that I won't be reading anything but DG for some time, especially now that Starz is producing a series! What a domino effect my sis had on me! Love her for giving me Jamie and Claire!

  62. Susan Panhuise is the wonderful person who started my trip through the fascinating world of Outlander! She handed me the first book and said "You'll love it!". To say the least..... Susan is my best friend and like a sister to me. After reading the series we have made it our yearly tradition to travel to Flagstaff, AZ for the Highland Games and to wallow in kilts and clans; and have had the joy of meeting Diana, having her sign books, and listening to her readings! I have known my mentor for over 20 years and we have shared our personal joys and sorrows countless times. One of the best gifts she's ever given me is Outlander!! Thanks Susan

  63. I don't have a mentor per say. I used to follow an online book club and the members kept mentioning Outlander. It seemed like every day there was a new post raving about the characters or scenes in the book. So, I went to the library and borrowed it. I have to mention-I judge books by their cover-not fair I know. When I saw the plain blue cover, I thought blah. Reading the first few chapters-I kept thinking what is all the hype about? Then Claire went through the stones..the book did. not. get. put. down. I finished the rest of it that day and read the next 3 books over the next 3-4 weeks. I was able to convince my two sisters, sister in law, one cousin and my best friend to read the series. Proud Outlander fan right here and I have learned to not always judge a book by its cover!

  64. Tag Team Comment. George: I resisted my dear friend, Pam (who BTW had a dog named Jamie), who for years tried to get me to read Outlander. She first suggested, then needled, then cajoled. When I still wouldn't read it (I was an English Major, for pete's sake -- we DON'T read romance!), she marked all the saucy bits, hoping that would entice me. Nope, no thanks. But after 10 years of Pam begging me "just try it," I downloaded the audible version and started listening on some long drives. Oh my. (Comment from Clay: Pam and her husband Dave said we HAD TO READ THE BOOK because it changed their sex life!)

    Clay: I was training for a half marathon, in the winter, pounding along on the treadmill in the basement... BORING. So I was asking for something to listen to and she suggested this book she'd been listening to for the last week or so... Outlander. And that was that. Well, I pretty much read them straight through but George likes to read multiple books at the same time. So while we discussed the first 5 as we read them, I finished the last 2 way before she did and needed somebody to talk about the books with. So I started looking around online and ended up at the Compuserve forum and finally MOP. I've been a regular at MOP chat pretty much for 2-1/2 years now. All because of that first audiobook.

    So while Pam was the one who finally prodded enough for us to to start the books it was the 2 of us then eventually the larger Outlander community that perpetuated our enthusiasm for the story.

  65. My Outlander Mentor is my younger sister, Jan Larese. She told me about them, and got me hooked. I do not know how many times the book(s) went flying across the room. Then I had to call her and let her know how frustrated I was and was not going to read anymore. Why did she ever tell me about them? But I was hooked and I have just started rereading the series.

  66. My mom is my Outlander Mentor. At first she was hesitant to tell me about the series, because "There is sex in it." While I am 50 years old, I guess I will always be her little girl. Once over that hurdle, I began reading Outlander, and was hooked. My mom and I shared many conversations about the historical events, characters and situations. We even talked about the love scenes! It was kind of kinky that we both lusted after the same man, Jamie, of course. Many good times were shared during our discussions as we analyzed, compared ideas and speculated about character motivation and events. I treasure the memories of those wonderful times with my mom. She passed away at the end of September. As I wait for the bittersweet day that the new book is released, I am reminded that my mentor is gone. I have lost the person who has shared the trials and tribulations of Jamie and Claire with me. She was my Outlander mentor and my life mentor. I will continue to read the books with her always in my heart and mind. I thank her for sharing such a wonderful series, even if there was sex in it!

  67. Kathy Webb is my mentor. She introduced me to Jamie and Claire after my motorcycle accident 7 years ago. Physical Therapy was more tolerable as I looked forward to reading the Outlander series when hot or cold compresses gave me time to read. Then after breast cancer 5 years ago, I once again had the comfort of Jamie and Claire to get me through chemo and recovery. Hip surgery last year once again had me reading all of the Lord John series. I own all of the books in hardback and as ebooks. I reread all books before the next book is released - guess I better get started on Outlander.

  68. My Outlander mentor is my coworker Charlene Zawaski. I was just beginning the series and she has guided me through all the ups and downs. The Oh My Gosh I am at the part where…..and she would say “Just wait it gets better!” Well it has and we have had lunchtime discussions and updates on the Starz series, discussions of how are they going to do that???? I have even been stayed up on many of occasion trying to get through a chapter or finish the book so I could start the next one. I am currently starting the Fiery Cross as my next read and she keeps cheering me on! Thanks Charlene! We can both be in the doghouse together reading our 1000+ page books at night , nose in book = happy camper !

  69. Ode to my Outlander Mentor

    I have a daughter named Elise,
    so I read the Outlander series just to keep peace.

    By page 35 I said "Are you nuts"?
    By page 52 Claire became such a klutz.
    She fell through the stones and then the magic began,
    for that's when she met Jaime, an iconic man.

    I couldn't read fast enough,"Elise help me please!",
    and so she kept me going with a tidbit or tease.

    Elise told me of Jaime and Claire and their escapades
    and she told me of Black Jack, that cold blooded knave,
    Brianna, Roger, Ian and Jenny, those wonderful characters
    of whom there are so many.

    Elise kept me sane and helped me through book 7,
    Book 8 will be out soon, my idea of heaven.

    Elise is my daughter and my Outlander Mentor,
    I could not have read all of the stories without her.

    I appreciate all of her help, and the fact that she was kind,
    because I'm going to read them again for the THIRD time.

    My mentor will be there, and these stories we will share
    through the joys, fears and laughter for now and ever after.

    I love you Elise.

  70. I came to the world of Outlander on my own several years ago and have passed on the world of Jamie and Claire to my mom, sisters, mother-in-law and countless other family members, friends and coworkers. I have purchased books in the series more times than I can count and have passed them on to others held together only with a prayer and rubber bands! This wonderful series has helped me get through a divorce, a major move, career change and some serious health issues. I excited beyond belief that the series is coming to life! I have finally given the books to my daughters and told them it's time to meet Jamie! Can one be a mentor to themselves? Who knows? Love the books and share with anyone who will listen! Keep up the good work ladies! Found the website this summer and pass the word about it to all that I recommend the books too!

  71. I discovered Outlander on my own just this past June. When I finished, I was dumbfounded that none of my friends had read this incredible book. Enter my great friend/Outlander mentor/co-conspirator, Sue Anne Bell. I told Sue Anne she needed to read this book. And awesome friend that she is, she didn't question me and hauled all 672 pages (ok, not 100% on that- its not in front of me right now) on a trip to Prague. Well we all know how this story ends up- she finished Outlander on the trip over and bought the digital version of DiA for while she was there. And that's when the mentor/co-conspirator relationship was born. As our husbands joke, Outlander took our friendship to the next level. I'll never forget how in July I was on vacation with my kids and reading DiA. I would get up early in the morning to read (who does that on vacation?! Oh wait, anyone reading Outlander) and text or email Sue Anne (in Prague) about where we were, what was happening. Like, who cares about vacation with our families. We were reading Dragonfly in Amber and Claire just got with the king of France!!!
    Since then we have gone back and forth- one of us may be reading a little ahead of the other but we literally can't stop talking about what's happening. I have sent some very long involved emails with any number of questions/discussion points to her, and she has done the same to me. We'll meet up for drinks and literally talk about the books nonstop for three hrs straight. Our husbands are embarrassed for us that we follow Herself and Sam Heughan twitter. (Among many others...) They tease us that we read a page, text about it, read a page, text. Lol. (At times this is not far from the truth. Ha!) It's gotten where if either of us had a bad day, one of us will text 'but I love Jamie'. Like that makes every thing right with the world (I mean, it does, right?).
    Think about something that you love to do - isn't it better to share that experience with a friend? Sue Anne is the only person I can have this obsession with and not feel ridiculous about it. She is equally obsessed and tries to get anyone who has a pulse to read this series. We are currently about half way through ABOSAA. (We are already DREADING the day we finish Echo! #willfeelbereft) We both have three small kids, busy lives, etc but have made it our mission to keep reading. (keep obsessing?) I think experiencing these audio books would be incredible- I would love to give my Outlander mentor that gift. Thanks My Outlander Purgatory! :)
    Tonja Fox

  72. The year was 2002 and I was 21 years old, enrolled in a math class at Central Michigan University with my acquaintance Mary. We were seated at the the same table and quickly discovered that we were both much more interested in literature than mathematics.

    In hushed tones and scribbled writing Mary began to share with me bits of the story of her favorite book: Outlander. I was skeptical at first but one day she loaned me her copies of the first two books and I was instantly addicted. Throughout the twists and turns of the plot Mary answered questions but never would hint at what was to come.

    Over the course of the semester we spent lots of time together and our friendship deepened, Along the way, we both recruited more people to read along with us, and created our own little Outlander sisterhood. Although to date, Mary has brought in many more readers than I ever could. I call her an Outlander Ambassador.

    One day my roommate Sam and I were sharing the same copy of Dragonfly in Amber and she had read ahead of me then left for class. When she returned I had reached the point where it was revealed Jamie had married Loaghaire. As soon as she opened the door I threw the book at the wall, very near her head, and screamed "How could he?!" She immediately knew what I was talking about, and was just as upset as I had been, and we were loudly discussing our shock and disgust, when our third roommate threw up her hands and declared she was never going to read a series that had gotten such a hold on us. Her loss!

    The years passed and Mary, Sam, and I remained the closest of friends breathlessly awaiting each new book and serving as each other's bridesmaids as we all married, graduated, and grew into real adults.

    In 2006, something no one expected occurred, and I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. My disease and the chemo used to cure it left me so ill that for months all I had the strength to do was to read. I tried to enjoy new material, but just came back to the Outlander books. Their familiarity comforted me and the stories still had the power to transport me away from my day to day life, which at that point was incredibly dismal. The books and the characters were there for me as much ans Sam and Mary were, supporting me as I faced a life threatening illness. When so much had been torn away from me, I was relieved to lose myself in the world of Claire and Jamie. I was thankful to Mary for introducing me to them all those years ago.

    Today I am healthy and have been cancer free for almost five years. Sam has moved to South Carolina and Mary and I are still in Michigan although a few hours apart. We have always stayed in touch and visited each other whenever possible. These days, with the excitement of the television series, our texts and calls are frequent and thrilling. We are delighting in discussing each casting decision and ensuring that all of us see each photo and video leaked from the production. In many ways it has been just as wonderful and joyous as reading the series together for the first time. As you girls at MOP clearly know, everything is better when you get to share it with your friends. :)
    Angela Emond

  73. My name is Diane. I am 69 years old. I have not read a historical novel in 40 years and I never read " Science Fiction". My 31 year old niece told me about her passion for the Outlander Series. To have something to share with her I started the first book.

    Well, I am so hooked. She walks me through much of what I am about to read due to the fact that I get fearful for characters I love. I love that she also whets my appetite for what is down the road without giving away big surprises. through Lecy, I have entered a new time, with new people, most of whom feel like family. Without her I would never have been able to read this amazing story. I can't wait for the next book.

    Thank you,
    Diane Leonard

  74. My Outlander mentor is the poor, misguided sap who put an unread, perfect paperback copy of Outlander out on a garage sale table! Who would do that? I have a lot of cherished "garage sale finds" but this one was life changing. Easily the best 50 cents I ever spent although my family would beg to differ. When I finished I ran to google "Diana Gabaldon" to find some other books of her to read. You can't imagine my joy to discover that there was an entire series (OK, yes you can)!! Everything was put on hold as I devoured the books. Dinners, laundry, work, personal life....all had to be put on hold. My family has endured my babbling on and on. They know Jamie and Claire almost as well as we do. So I wish to personally thank my dim-witted, get a clue, garage sale mentor. If you only had read a couple pages. If you only knew.

  75. When Joanna and I decided to become roommates I knew I was set because she had enough books that I wouldn’t need to go to the library ever again. I wasn’t sure if we’d get along but knowing I’d have one less traffic-filled stopped equaled a win-win for me. Luckily, we became really close and got along swimmingly with all of our conversations—always fueled by Mexican and brownies—eventually ending up with books.

    Being a magpie, I naturally gravitated to the BRIGHT, BIG books on a shelf in Jo’s room. Jo would continually say, “You know they’re good, just a little different.” She was trying to feel me out. Considering we met at a Bible study she wasn’t quite sure what my standards or limits were with books. She, like all good future book mentors, needed to test my mettle. Could I handle this?! Was I worthy of Jamie? Was I going to morph into Mother Teresa? She wrestled with lots of difficult decisions. I mean, at that point we had signed a lease to live together for a year. If I failed she was stuck living with me. A dumbass who didn’t like Outlander. (DWDLO) After a few more questions she finally knelt on one knee, like a Crusader handing over a holy relic, and passed the books over. So I read and read and read. Not realizing that I had a pending DWDLO status hanging over my head I never really told Jo what I was thinking till I got to THE SCENE. The jail scene. The Blackjack Randall Scene. And, holy hell, I exploded. And that was it. I was done for. I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say about 99% of our conversations from there on out somehow connected to Outlander: Our jobs as teachers=Claire teaching Jamie the finer points of…emh (Blush! Giggles! Sigh!). Bad weather=SCOTLAND (At least there are kilts). Studying abroad in Ireland=correct pronunciation of Laoghaire (smacks forehead). Dealing with co-workers=uncanny resemblances between certain coworkers and various and sundry characters (Surely we can punch them…). Plight of being single=Jamie became our Standard By Which All Men Will Be Measured Against (Good luck with that). Things we wanted in a man=Jamie’s hands (my GAH!). Infuriating family members=Jenny (Good Grief Woman). But, above all else, while I’m so appreciative that Jo introduced me to the wonders of Outlander, I (and cue the corn) treasure the deep friendship that came out of it. And even though we live states away from each other now we still send frequent texts about books, and now the TV show. We’re already trying to figure out the logistics for a cross-country premiere date…. standing stones anyone?

  76. I actually didn't have a mentor. I'm an avid reader, and love many different genres of books. I passed by the books many times at my local bookstore and would always pick up Outlander, read the back, and put it back on the shelf and try something else. I had recently had a miscarriage and needed to have another surgery to correct a defect in my uterus when I found myself looking for something big to read during my recovery. I finally picked up the big blue book thinking it looked hefty enough to last while I was healing. I started Outlander the day after surgery when I wad finally awake from the drugs. I made it 34 pages in. Demanded my husband go back and buy the other book right then. At the time, A Breath of Snow and Ashes had just came out, and needless to say I was one very happy camper. These books became my medicine, and helped me through a very rough time in my life. I know plan my vacation time around the book releases. Lord Johns as well. My greatest pleasure is to talk "Outlander" with my mother and sister-inlaw who I converted over. So in this story I'm the mentor. Read the books, join the clan.

  77. My mom is my Outlander Mentor. I can't remember my exact age when she first gave me Outlander to read, but I know that I was a teenager and was completely shocked that my MOTHER had given me this book to read! Of course I was hooked right away and we have spent the last 15+ years reading and discussing and re-reading and re-discussing the series. This past February I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my mom made me a beautiful necklace to wear to chemo treatments that says "dinna fash," a tribute to a favorite line in our shared obsession as well as a reminder to me that everything was going to be okay (and it is - I'm cancer-free now!). Tara Kerr

  78. After a co-worker suggested the series to me while recovering from a hangover from another series, I still didn't see the appeal. Duh, I know... But, months later I saw a "pin" on Pinterest that Gerard Butler was to play Jamie Fraser in the movie (ha-ha...) and I called her right then and there to bring me the book. Well, after reading for a while and the initial obsession frenzied, I searched the internet for all things, Outlander. That's when I came across MOP! Of course, Carol, you didn't blog too much about the first book, however, it was enough to keep me thoroughly entertained. And then, of course, you were generously verbose with every other step of Claire and Jamie's story along the way.
    Lets just say that my deep, deep love for Diana's masterpieces parallels my love and respect for you, Carol, and Tracy. Your blog "mentored" ME along the way. You constantly provided a lot of laughter, and different points of view (I didn't always agree) along the way. I lived for them. As I was thrust through the rabbit hole of the Outlander world, MOP, I felt, went with me. I still haven't recovered; as you see, I am on this website 3-4 times a week!
    I know I missed the deadline for the Audible thing; I don't care. Back in 2011 I threw you and Tracy a gushing email about what a big fan I am of the blog, but I wanted to post this THANK YOU publicly. Hats off to you both!

    PS- I've personally mentored a handful of friends since. I also plan to buy 2-4 copies of Outlander paperbacks and promote them through work (I work at a Catholic HS) as I know it will reach a few more just in time for the series. That way I can throw a big ol' viewing party. Woo-hoo!

    PSS- Also, my goal is to have my husband read, at least, Outlander. I will NOT be having to explain things to him while watching the series. I refuse!