Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NYC: Our Outlander Day Out With Starz

WHAT a fabulous time Tracey and I had yesterday at the Starz event in NYC.  I don't even know how to describe what it felt like to be surrounded by so much...OUTLANDER!  We ran into tons of awesome fellow bloggers from Outlander Book Club, Outlander Fan (singular; no S!), Outlander TV News, That's Normal...Oh my gosh, who else??  Forgive me but there were too many awesome Jamie and Claire loving peeps to name in one post! 

First off, let me share with you what an absolute CLASS ACT Starz is.  I have never been so impressed in my life.  They went ALL out.  I was blown away by the appreciation this company has for US.  Aka fans!  The event was top notch; one of the neatest experiences I've had since diving into this pool of awesomesauce we know and love as Outlander.

The event was held at the truly neat McKittrick Hotel in downtown NYC.  The room the presentation was in was teeny tiny and AWESOME.  They weren't kidding when they said it would be "intimate".

The event started with Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon doing a presentation that included a video (Sam says "sassenach" in it, y'all), stills of the set, and a Q&A.  It was such an neat little setting which made it even more exciting.  No pretense, nothing flashy, just Ron and Diana dishing Outlander - with the fans.

By the way I sat next to a verra fun woman from Edinburgh; check out her tattoo!  --------------->>

A few points about the series:

-Nine Episodes have been written and another four or five have been partially written.  

- We will see a LOT of Frank in Season 1...in flashbacks.  The writers want us to understand why Claire would want to leave Jamie...and the way to do this is to make us appreciate Frank.  (Dare I say "like" Frank?  DOH!) 

- WE WILL SEE Claire and Frank visit the ruins of CASTLE LEOCH on their honeymoon.  (Chills y'all.  Chills)

- Diana will have a cameo...if she wants one.  :)

- Everyone has been cast for season 1. 

- Ron Moore's wife is a HUGE Outlander fan, as well as a costume designer for the show.  She will not let him change too much.  (WOOT!!  We have a comrade on the set!)

- The part of Outlander that made Ron want to make it come alive on screen?  When Jamie told Claire to stay put after the honeymoon, and she left and tried get back to the stones.  He said they got married and had the honeymoon and he thought they'd go along having this wonderful life together...and then Claire changed all the rules and bolted.  (My words, not his.)

A little more about the tremendous day Starz planned for us:

After the QA, we went to an open-air, garden-themed restaurant on the roof, which was just the neatest place...that was decked out with railroad ties and lots of foliage.  We sat in an area that looked like a box car, complete with faux aged curtains blowing in the breeze.  And all of this against a city backdrop.  Just the coolest venue for a meal with friends. (Tracey and I want to go back with the hubbies ASAP.)  And speaking of a meal, we were treated to fried chicken with a plethora of autumn veggies..along with grilled pears, corn bread and a really yummy bread pudding.  And yes; wine.  (Did I not mention Starz rocks?!)

Speaking of Starz, one of the highlights of our day was chatting it up with the VERRA COOL girls who work there!!!  They got a kick out of Pocket Jamie...and I thought it was hilarious as I almost didn't even bring him along!  I also told them how I LOVE blogging about other Starz shows like The White Queen, etc etc over at MyPurgatory.com.

Ok so lastly, not only did Tracey and I get our picture taken with Ron Moore, but we were lucky enough to ride down the elevator with him...and some fun Outlander fans.  I took this opportunity to mention how much I loved Mission Impossible II...and ask if there was any way we could get my favorite Scottish actor - Dougray Scott - into Outlander, somehow.  He said you never know what might happen down the pike.  After that, I scared him off with my awful impression of Dougray in the film.  He promptly walked off the elevator and probably had nightmares for the rest of the weekend. ;) 

Seriously you guys...I have never been so excited in my life.  This show is going to exceed all our expectations.  Ron Moore GETS IT.  He truly does.  Jamie Fraser is going to come to life and the whole world is going to fall in love with him.  


  1. All your pics and review totally rock!! So incredibly jealous about you going, but also verra appreciative because I knew that you would give us a full update with all the deets!

    The artists rendering are out of this world!! I'm beyond excited for this to come to life! I know RM will due it justice because of his wife's love of the books too. In one interview, he said it was his job 'not to fuck this up' (his words). So love that!!!! They know the legions of fans are die hards about the books and he will get the details right.

    You guys look so cute in the pics! :-)

    1. Awww thanks Donna. WHAT a cool day it was. I wish you guys were there, too! Cross your fingers that they put together some future events! :)

  2. Awesome!!!!!
    OKay I have this idea I think you should pawn onto Ron since you met him, or maybe Diana, since Ron might be frightened of you now, way to go by the way ;) I think this would be the coolest idea and make the show even better... ready?
    OKay.... I think the die hard fans (myself included) should be cast into the movie as... the PROSTITUTES in the brothel where Claire eats the delicious sausages (real pork sausages get your heads out of the gutter) Seriously, since we can't be Claire, and we can't be Gellis, and not even Laoghaire, can we at least get to play the prostitutes, please please pretty please! I know, I know, I am reaching here, Ahh well, it was worth a try eh? ;)

    1. HOOKAH!!!! Oh that is HILARIOUS! (Tracey and I did a video where we couldn't stop quoting Lafayette from True Blood...and this totally reminds me of that!) I'm totally game! How much fun would THAT be?? ;)

  3. You make me smile! Thanks for sharing the joy with us!!!! We have SOOOO much to look forward to in the next 12 months!

    1. :) Thanks Laurie - that's what we're here for!!! Canna WAIT for the months ahead!!

  4. If RM was traumatized Carol, I volunteer to provide emotionally supportive counseling or EMDR therapy, when he gets back to CA, cuz I'm not licensed in Scotland or NY. But honestly, I would have been hounding him to cast Billy Connolly as the Mac Rannoch. Minus the 'blueberry eyes' Billy could pull off the size and sound. But if they have completed casting, ah well. Otherwise I am very proud of you girls and the whole of the Outlander clan whose presence must have done RM's and Herself's hearts good to see and HEAR your responses. And good on Starz for hosting such a wonderful party/event for you.
    I must ask, how were the grilled peaches and Marscapone? It's my new fav ingredient.

    1. YES! Tracey is the queen of cooking...she can fill you in better than I can. WOW they were good. Just another reason Starz is a CLASS ACT!! And PS - I LOVE Billy Connolly. I hope he's OK - I heard he's been sick?

  5. Hi guys
    Thanks soooo much for the updates! Your report says everyone has been cast. What about Rupert and Laoghaire? I hope she's prepared for us to 'hate' her (although I'm sure she'd be lovely!)

    1. YEY! So know who Leghair is - now we need dirt on Rupert!! :)

  6. THANKS! WOW Jennifer that is SO cool!! I wonder if he's on Twitter or Facebook??