Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jamie Fraser and the Light at the End of the Tunnel

SPOILER ALERT:  If you havena finished Voyager, you dinna want to read the following:  
Every April 16th, after my "good cry" for the people of the 1746 Highlands of Scotland, I think about my favorite fictitious character - Jamie Fraser - at the Battle of Culloden.  I think about him lying there, bleeding, confused about why he wasn't dead. I think about the fact that Lord John Grey ultimately and unknowingly saved his life. And I then I immediately think about Echo and MOBY. For the past four years I've wondered what in the hell Jamie is going to do...and say. To Lord John. To Claire. How he's going to feel.  And every year, I sigh and lament about how long it's going to be before I know.
But not this year.  This year, all I can think is...



  1. And speaking of "light at the end of the tunnel", what about wee Jem, who's been stuck there for four and a half years!!

    54 days and counting, for those of us in the US! :-)


  2. Days...we're talking DAYS!!! Dinna worry wee Jemmy...we're coming for ye!!!

  3. A treat yesterday ("The Space Between") and confirmation today that Herself has finished writing MOBY (another treat) and Q&As coming up soon with Adhamn (sp?) O'Broin (sp?) and Maril Davis (more treats) - we're having a good week here in the Outlander-verse!

  4. OMG- I was reading along until I came to the last line and choked from laughter. We all feel the same-- just enough time to read MOBY, then maybe Outlander again before the show comes on. It's gonna be a great summer. And thanks for the laugh!