Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Space Between (My Apparent Wee Brain Cells)

Spoiler Alert:  The following pertains to chapter 1 in The Space Between. 

OMG.  Compte!!  WTF? Paul Rakoczy?  Isn't that Pee Wee Herman's real name?  Shit.  I'm in trouble.  I don't remember anything.  It's been what - 5 years since I read Dragonfly??  I'M SORRY!!  I'M NOT A REREADER!! (yelled like Ross's "We were on a break!")   Heck, I can't remember what I bought at the Shoprite last week!  Claire poisoned him?  Is that what happened?  Why?? Why?? (screamed like Nancy Kerrigan.)

Raymond, you sweet thing...
OK keep reading.  A frog??  Ohhhh wait...the frog!!  It's RAYMOND.  I was literally picturing a frog.  What a dumbass.  Am I the only one who sometimes feels incredibly stupid when catching up on Gabaldon?  And as I said, it's been 5 years since I read Dragonfly.  Come on now.  A girl can only retain so much before she has to clear out the mental cache and make room for new episodes of Game of Thrones and new Outlander novellas, yeah?

Moving on... (because clearly I need to do some Dragonfly research before going any further with Compte and poisons.)

OK so Joan?  Girl?  Word to the wise.  You best step OFF and dinna even THINK to continue ripping on Ian Fraser Murray.  Ya feel me on this?  Those aren't "heathen tattoos"...they're the markings of a WARRIOR.  And ye'd be smart to remember that. 

Lordddd the heathen tattoos...
(which can be found here)
And here we go again with the memory lapse.  When did Joan see Ian's tattoos?  When he came back with Claire and Jamie to see Jenny?  OK, right.  For a minute there, I thought he was still trotting around from Valley Forge to Philadel-figh-ay...but I just emailed Tracey and she hath confirmeth.  AND reminded me of Wee Ian's awesome appearance when he saw Jenny for the first time in eons.

Regardless...Joanie had better back it up and mind her words.  Nun or no, I will send (awesome Outlander fan) Lara back in time to shank her ass.  

Is my memory going to fail me through this entire book?  How many lines will I have to reread?  How many times will I have to call Tracey and say "When did this happen?"

And I'm only on page 3.  (snicker)


  1. Oh, dear - only 3 pages in and already your head is exploding? Waiting for future comments as you read on! I have questions for DG, lots of questions, and am about to implode waiting for MOBY!

    1. LOL Connie...I know, right??? I have to reread my blog posts at the verra least!!! :)

  2. Carol- You made me feel SO much better! I read the main Outlander novels through Echo within the space of a year or so, not to mention the other 130+ other books that I either read or listened to last year, so it gets a little (understatement) fuzzy. Had to go to the Outlander Companion book for a refresher and am STILL puzzled about the Comte. (I think I have a Jamie-centric memory-LOL). I have a young co-worker that I turned on to Outlander- (think she's on Drums now), and frequently give her blank stares when she asks Outlander questions- trying to jog the old memory bank, plus not reveal spoilers. I told her TSB is good (I'm about halfway through), but warned her not to read it until she finishes Echo because of spoilers. I'm just hoping to get MOBY read, then have enough time to re-read Outlander before the Starz series comes on- I don't want to give the TV the same blank look I give my co-worker. Hee hee.....

    1. Oooh good, Susan! I'm glad! Our brains are at full Outlander capacity at this point!! I need Cliff's Notes!!! ;)

  3. I was picturing a frog, too! thank you for clearing that up for me carol. I'm about on page 5, and feeling pretty confused about the goings-on in DG's world...but so happy to be there again!

    I was watching the Stars channel the other night, and actually saw an Outlander commercial....my poor husband literally jumped when I started hooting and hollering!
    --Julie in Jersey