Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NEW MOP VIDEO: Breakin' Down Trailer #2!!


I have done a complete 180 on the identity of the person who is undoing Jamie's shirt; I do think it's Claire.  I studied this pic to an extent a person shouldna be studying a celebrity's pic without feeling icky and stalkerific. So yes...my (now sober) ass agrees with y'all. :)


  1. The girl in the last shot is definitely Claire. Look at the bone structure, the eyes, the lips, Ms Balfe's famous chin! It is Claire, 100%. She does look a wee bit different b/c of her hair updo and she's in profile....and it's kind of dark in there. But it's def Claire ;)

  2. A very very kind human has thoughtfully screencapped the whole thing on her tumblr and just take a look at that whole bit at the end. It's Claire. Maybe not the wedding (it's not like she never undressed him any other time, right? LOL) but definitely Claire.


    1. I agree, dksaga, that it's Claire. And thanks sooooooo much for that link!

  3. Tracey - I love you guys, but I gotta be picky. The tartan fabric is pronouned like "plad" not "played" even though it's spelled p-l-a-i-d. It's a little thing, but it's like nails on a blackboard for me....sorry.

    1. Well, I pronounce it "plad" when I'm using it in everyday context, but I swear that in the context of the part of the kilt that goes up and over like a sash, I've heard it pronounced "plade" more often. Anyone else?

    2. I googled it. It looks like Americans pronounce it "plad"...but (some) Scots (still) pronounce it "played". I have a couple friends in Scotland; I'll ask them and get back to ya. :)

    3. My family's Scottish and I've never heard it pronounced "played", but maybe we're just weird?

      OT: My gran also used to get irritated when people called folks from Scotland "scotch". She would say "Scotch is what you drink, the people are called Scots". Here endeth the lesson!!

  4. Okay so here’s my two cents re: trailer…

    What I didn't appreciate was the reveal of the above 'disappearance' trailer. They made the fans of the books jump through hoops but they did admit to learning from this experience, and I think going forward, they’ll do things differently.

    As for the trailer itself, it was very good and true to the book, and I loved it!

    The trailer started off with Claire & her hubby Frank celebrating their reunion, second honeymoon, visiting the surrounding area, encountering the group of ladies dancing around at the standing stones, her coming back during the day to pick some flower to study and her 'disappearance' after she touches the stone, her run in with the dragoons, consequent capture and entering the Castle Leoch, talk with Jamie inside the Castle and outside, and even the opening narration is verbatim, albeit shortened, as IS in the book.

    I’ve watched the slow-mo of the trailer and caught the scene with Claire walking to Jamie, as he’s standing in the room, reaching for his tie [and that scene comes on the heels of her trying to run away from the castle right before he finds her and is forced to come back and dress up for the oath taking, and she helps him dress for it, that’s why he’s a bit grubby].

    I must say, within a minute or so, we now know the range of Cait’s talent [and I must admit, I did have a bit of the doubt about her, but none when it came to Sam, saw him in a few things before, as Tobias, and everyone else. She is a fresh talent, and she brought it ON! Totally blown away with her!!!

    The show probably will air on Saturday, and the date will be announced shortly, I have no doubt of that and again it will be made 'a big to do about it' by many of us fans around the world, so I'm okay w/that. You see, I've been a fan of the books from 1991 so waiting couple of months for it to air, doesn't bother me a bit. I waited over two decades for someone to come along and realize what an awesome TV series these books can be and with Ron Moore at the helm, I have absolutely no doubt it will blow our minds [unlike Michel Bay's BLACK SAILS, which I wouldn't watch but for Toby Stephens being in it].

    So, to fans of the books I say, relax, enjoy the ride! Our Jamie & Claire are coming :)

    To everyone else, I say, look out! This will blow your minds! Better than GoT, or anything you saw to date ;)