Thursday, May 8, 2014

Premieres, Homer and Novellas, OH MY!

What did I tell all y'all???  (Y'all sounds so ridiculous coming out of my mouth as I'm from New Jersey.)  I KNEW they were going to announce the premiere date once they unleashed that new trailer on us.  That trailer will be airing on Starz in a matter of seconds...if it hasn't already!!  (I don't know as I'm not currently watching anything on Starz.  Hey - gimme a break; Black Sails ended!!)

So WHAT do we all think about Outlander airing on Saturday nights???  I am cool with it as a) I have youngish kids and not the best social life (did I just say that out loud?) and b) my DVR's got skillz and gets LOTS of play between all my AMC, HBO and CW shows (again - did I admit to watching the CW out loud?  HOMER!)

So last night I was reading bits and pieces of Outlander at 2:20 AM when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.  Jamie and Claire getting to know each other on their honeymooon...him telling her about the Mackenzies...the attack on the wagons when Claire hid in the crevice in the rock...Jamie and Claire gettin' busy while everyone else was "sleeping" (wink wink) on the aforementioned rocks.  And I woke up feeling all kinds of love for Jamie and Claire.  So it's VERRA COOL, SASSENACHS that Starz would pick today to make their big announcement.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must read The Space Between before Tracey kicks my ass.


  1. Here was MY sign: James McAvoy was on GMA this morning, and I was like, "that Scottish accent is SO DREAMY. I could listen to it all day long." And voila--16 weeks of Scottish accents, here we come!!!

    And Carol: Read. READ!!!!!