Monday, September 15, 2014

MOP Outlander CHAT Tonight!!!

MOP Outlander Chat Tonight  at 9PM Eastern.  We will be discussing Episode 6: The Garrison Commander.  Please NO MOBY spoilers until 9:45.  Thank you!! 


  1. I loved that Jamie asked Claire what kind of friend he would be if he let that mad #*! Randall have her. That touched my heart that he considers her a friend!

  2. You are both almost as entertaining as the show....ok I am not being all the way truthful. The show is...a wonderful gift to all those who have read the books or have only watched the series..Hey, by the way The Patriot was filmed here in Charleston. I was fortunate enough to be on set a few times. While on a balcony over looking the filming my eyes did catch upon Mr Gibson. Who was in turn looking at me. We both smiled. I thought, enough for now...line from Love Actually. I love the show and can't wait for Saturday to come around. What will we all do in a few weeks???