Sunday, September 14, 2014

THANKS to Jax from "Outlander Stuff!"

Have to throw a HUGE THANK YOU out to MOP pal, JAX from Revive1775 (tremendous website that is chock full of info from the Revolutionary war and the happenings of 1775!)

Jax sent Tracey and myself these truly awesome bracelets...that she made!!  And where can you get one?  At her Etsy site, OutlanderStuff!!!  She also sells celtic knot bracelets and key rings with other quotes from the Outlander series; tons of awesome goodies!  Go check her out!

 I canna tell you how much we appreciate these wee gifties.  We are truly touched!!!!


  1. You are quite welcome, my friend.

  2. Hoping to have a stunning wedding piece in the shop this week...