Monday, February 9, 2015

"Everything Outlander" Retreat!

WOW!  This is SO COOL!!  Cat, over at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge in Allenspark, Colorado (outside Boulder) is a huge Outlander fan...and is running an "Everything Outlander" retreat in April, after a hugely successful retreat in 2014!

Even better news?  The retreat will be run by none other than My Outlander Purgatory friend, Susan Leidy!!!  Or, "Sooz" as we refer to her here at MOP.

Who is Sooz, you ask, and what qualifies her to run an Outlander retreat?

Well...she is Sooz of MOPPY Fame.  Andddd she is Sooz of Awesome Outlander Shirt Designs fame.  ANDDDD she is Sooz of Outlander crossword fame!

And last, but far from least, she is THE Sooz of Outlander quilt fame!!

YES...THAT Sooz!!

Sooz is one of the most knowledgable and loyal Outlander fans you'll ever I can't even IMAGINE how cool this trip is going to be!!!

What's included?  Per Cat:

- Calling of the Clans/Fans ceremony
- Herb Workshop
- Distillery tour and tasting
- Really cool crafts, 
- Games
- Book discussions
- Afternoon tea 
- Episode 11 (+unlimited viewing of all of the episodes) 
- Time period clothing demo 
- Even a hand fasting ceremony!

Check out Sunshine Mountain Lodge for more info!!


  1. I will be at this retreat as well, helping to facilitate the crafts and the meals. I will also share the photos from the Diana Gabaldon event in Oxford, England and my brief visit to Edinburgh over the Easter weekend.

    1. That's great, Leslie!! It sounds like soooo much fun! :)

  2. Thanks Carol! We have so many fun activities planned for the weekend!....'Calling of the Clans/Fans ceremony, Herb Workshop, Distillery tour and tasting, really cool crafts, games, book discussions, afternoon tea, episode 11 (+unlimited viewing of all of the episodes), time period clothing demo, even a hand fasting ceremony! I can't wait!