Thursday, February 19, 2015

Outlandish Companion II

October 27th, y'all!!  GET READY!!!  You can preorder now !

And if you don't already have The (original) Outlandish Companion ...what are you waiting for???  GO GET IT!!!!

 When I was a newbie Outlander fan...(or a "newb" as my Minecraft-loving 4th grader would say)...Tracey got me the original Outlandish Companion...and I canna tell you how helpful it was in remembering/calculating/studying all things Outlander!!!  BUT - alas - it only went so far...into Drums of Autumn, I believe?  So come October, you'd better BELIEVE I'll be buying #2!!!


  1. Carol and Tracey, I'm just finishing Echo and watched your Happy Birthday Jamie videos...hil...AR...i...ous!!! Omg, you guys were having such a good time I SO wanted to be there with you! Then I thought, crap, this video is like 5 years ago! Where's some freaking standing stones when I need them! I was totally ready to time travel back to you, haha :) Aye, I think I need to get a life, lol ;)

    1. OMG Heather - no way - you don't need to get a life! *I* still watch that video sometimes! LOL That is my all time favorite! :)