Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Last Minute Scottish Halloween Costumes

The following costumes are STILL available on Amazon Prime, for one or two-day delivery...if you or your significant other are considering dressing as some cool Scots for Halloween this weekend:

Drinkin', Partyin' Scottish Dude...

Hot, Bare-chested Scottish Dude who's probably going to end up at Drinkin', Partyin' Scottish Dude's killer party after he finishes Highland dancing at the Bachelorette party...

"WTF Scottish Dude" who's miserable because his wife made him dress up fancy and go to his in-laws'.  He secretly wishes he could be at Drinkin', Partyin' Scottish Dude's house, innocently flirting with Hot, Bare-chested Scottish Dude's leftovers...


"WTF Scottish Dude's Wife" who is constantly checking to make sure he is still talking sports with her father and hasn't snuck out to go to Drinkin', Partyin' Scottish Dude's house to flirt with Hot, Bare-chested Scottish Dude's leftovers...

Laoghaire's Ho-bag Scottish Friend who is trying to get with Hot, Bare-chested Scottish Dude.

Hot, Bare-chested Scottish Dude's Fiance who has no idea he is dancing at night, in addition to working at the mill, to pay for the overpriced engagement ring her mother insisted she's entitled to.

There ya have it!!  Go check 'em out!!!  :)


  1. Ohh these are great! Since I don't have the legs like Laoghaire's Ho-bag Scottish Friend, Scottish Dude's Fiance's outfit will do. I can at least fill up the top part. LOL

    1. HAHA Artzk1!! You and me, both. That dress looks a lot warmer, too. ;)

  2. HILARIOUS!! (as usual)

    I'm totally sharing this. Well done!

    1. ROFLMAO THANK YOU. I was going to send this to you guys because I thought you'd get a kick out of it. LOLOL!!!

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