Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ET Interview with Maril Davis

"This second book was definitely a challenge for us, and Voyager for us is kind of like a homecoming. The stories lay out so much easier -- we see what they are, we see what the conflicts are and the dramatic moments." 
~Maril Davis

Check out this FANTASTIC ET interview with Outlander's Maril Davis. She throws us a few much appreciated crumbs regarding Season 3 (VOYAGER)...without spoiling or divulging too much.  

Every little bit helps now that we've plunged head-first into Droughtlander! 


  1. Hi ladies,
    I discovered Purgatory not long after I first discovered Outlander in 2014. I love you guys and really look forward to your videos!

    I have a question I haven't seen on your blog. QUESTION: I am a viewer who has NOT read the books yet. In your opinions which book should I begin with? Should I start from the beginning or go to Voyager? I checked Voyager from the library, but it has a little too much info in the first chapter. However the FIRST book contains items I've seen already. I love the outlander story and am very involved. I just want to start at the right place!! Advise me, my friends please!!
    Love you gals; I soooo look forward to your videos; I laugh right along with you!!
    Patricia in Charlotte NC

    1. I have to agree with Tracey, Patricia. Go back and check out Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber and read those first. There really is a ton of info that's not included in the show...so you will find things here or that that you'll be glad you found out, even "after the fact." :)

  2. Do not--I repeat, DO NOT!!--start with Voyager. You will be denying yourself so much of the experience. You have plenty of time during Droughtlander, so definitely start at the beginning with Outlander and work your way to Voyager--I think you'll find enough detail and difference in the first two books to keep you interested. :-)

  3. I bingewatched two seasons on Starz the week before the Second Season finale -- they had me at Jamie -- so then I had to go back and read the books, of course, because I am a reader but not so much romance. How have I never read these books ?!!
    So I started reading them after knowing what was going to happen and HAD to find out how they got there! I picked up Voyager first, and well, you know what happens. Good to know -- satisfied the horrified part of me after the finale-- but I needed to know all the details and what happened in the books that didn't happen in the show. I started again with Book One and am now half-way thru Voyager. This is the better way to go, I agree. I am savoring every word and have the time to do so, as well as catch up on all the youtubes and facebook posts and twitter and blogs and all the great interviews over the last 3 years --there is a LOT of extra fill-in info out there that even further fleshes out the series and the books -- which will take me up to the next season, and I will be in Outlandpurgatory myself.
    So yes, go back to the beginning and definitely catch Tracey and Carol and their really funny commentaries on each episode myoutlanderpurgatory.com.