Friday, July 22, 2016

MOP Breaks Down the 2016 EMMY Nominations


  1. Mr Robot's Rami Malek was fabulous in HBO mini series The Pacific.

  2. No love for Frances de la Tour as Mother Hildegarde = Major Crime!

  3. I think you guys nailed it. Starz has not gotten the respect or attention of other networks...yet. Hopefully, with two more seasons (for now) this will change. I do not understand how the Emmy people can ignore the superb acting and casting of our series. Great video and looking forward to more!

  4. It was really fun to find the unexpected surprise today! Great video ladies - and as usual - so funny, and correct on some of the selections. Emmys are tough, political and I think they need a major revision of categories considering where advances with tech has driven so many different platforms to view content. There is so much content to consider. It is hard for Outlander to break through. It also depends on what eps were submitted for consideration.

    The "craft" portion of the awards are usually done a week or two prior and announced over the course of the evening.

    I was disappointed Bear didn't repeat with a nom. But again, it is about episode submissions and so much more.

    I really look forward to the season recap for more laughs - you two are the best! jefsantamonica

  5. Rami Malek may be the best actor in the history of thespianism. I have no way of knowing, because the guy is just too odd-looking for me to stomach for even a millisecond. Sorry; can't do it. Frog crossed with a beaver. Jabba-the-Hut's wild-eyed little brother. Angler Fish. There it is: I'm an appearance-bigot. So shoot me.

    Same deal with the show "Mr. Robot": too nerdy, too paranoid, just. too. weird. "V for Vendetta" meets "Anonymous" meets "Julian Assange." SO not my cup of tea.

    VERY disappointed "Outlander" didn't score a series nom, especially since the total number of eligible shows to be nominated as of this year was upped to 7 (that's SEVEN, folks). Is anyone besides me thinking back to the disastrous Terry-Ron tweeting session of June, 2015 (the famous "more Frank; there's always room for more Frank" and "if you don't like it, just stop watching" tweetfest) which turned off mass quantities of fans and industry people? I thought then that ill-advised, greedy, disastrous attempt at a victory lap would adversely impact the show for a long time to come, and guess what?

  6. What a nice surprise to find you gals giving your Emmy needs Outlander video. I agree with your comments about House of Cards ... come on ... snore. There was plenty of room for Outlander cast nominations but somehow I don't think the Emmys are about talent ... there's something else going on. I won't be watching the Emmys but I do like some of the actors and shows nominated. I find Rami Malek adorable ... kind of like a Pug puppy is adorable. The show in the beginning was interesting then lost me in all it's twists and turns. I am a TURN fan too Carol. I was laughing when Carol said "Mark me!" Enjoy watching you two sisters sometimes mix it up. Glad you still come out smiling. (Carol you better not tell Tracey to watch Turn again ... I'm just saying). lol.

  7. Girls Tracey and Carol
    Just want to say that I discoverd your blog and videos mayby 3 month ago. And I´ve been having such a great time and company with your videos of each episode.
    I´m from very very far away, Santiago, Chile in South America. I discoverd the Outlander tv show by accident and saw it with my husband a year ago. We loved it but I´m truly nut for this story so I started to look for the book and now I reading The Fearcy Cross.
    You two are such a company and make me laugh so much!!! I´m fan of you two.
    Love you

    1. Awww Welcome Olga! Thanks for saying, "Hi!" We are thrilled you found us! Keep reading and let us know how you like the rest of the series!! XO!!! 😊

  8. Yes, love the "mark me" counts! LMAO

  9. I like the "My Droughtlander Purgatory" title. Apropos, don't you think? I'm still decompressing from this season, but I'm getting there.

    Emmy-wise, Balfe REALLY was a shoulda. Do you think when the show submitted SO many actors for consideration, it might've "diluted" their strongest contenders? IDK how the process works, but if I had to scrutinize lots of actors from the same series, I might lose focus and/or patience. Just a (lame?)thought.

    Hopefully, we'll see acting noms for season 3, bc the decline of the Frank/Claire marriage should offer meaty scenes for Cait and Tobias (you know they'll go there), and Jamie's story after Culloden should do the same for Sam. I especially hope they give Laura Donnelly more bc she's such a natural at playing Jenny - and she was sure wasted this season.

    Listen, you guys NEED to watch Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black! Playing so many charactacters, she's fun and fascinating to watch. In some scenes you ask yourself, "How do they DO that?" It's a very entertaining trip. I can only take so much "heavy" drama, but with quirky characters and fun doses of comic relief blended in, OB's the perfect cocktail for me. Each season's 10 episodes, so an easy binge, and the first season is fairly representative (though season 2 is my favorite :-).

    I love Downton, but yeah, it WAS a mostly feel-good season this year (apart from my steadily growing need to see Mrs. Patmore strangle Daisy). Being the last season, I did expect us to lose a major character, even if it was only the estate itself, but I'm not complaining about a happy ending.

    Speaking of Maggie Smith, I recently watched "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" (YouTube!) for which she won an Oscar. I'd seen it YEARS ago, but I forgot it was set in Edinburgh ("Culloden" sounded like "Cludden"). That last scene between Smith and Pamela Franklin is so great, and I was surprised how much of it had stuck with me after so many years. Classic!

    I loved Diana Rigg in The Avengers when I was a kid, and even now own copies of episodes on DVD. The show was droll, tongue-in-cheek fun, and Emma Peel was the coolest, most sophisticated, and strongest TV female role model of the 60's. Rigg is a great actress, and I'm so glad to see her working and gaining new fans.

    Ok, enough rambling from me. Hope to see you guys again soon!


  10. Its a bummer but the Emmys are more of a popularity contest than they used to be. No more qualified delegate vote, no more affidavits to verify that episodes have been viewed. Now its a free for all with the entire actors corp voting and they are no longer required to even view the episodes submitted. You can see that shows and actors are standing in line waiting their turn. Lots are nominated not based on the current year, but on past seasons where they were passed over by a close margin. Yes, and Starz needs to build up their credibility. Their reputation for Original series is pretty dismal, but it is now a primary focus - starting with Outlander. Let's see how American Gods does.


  11. Hi Tracey and Carol!

    This YouTube link was posted on another forum. Its Gold Derby's review/awards predictions for Outlander. They watch and review all the big shows professionally and do predictions for all of the awards. 3 men, 1 woman, all non-book readers. They had Outlander's Emmy nominations nailed way back during their Vengeance is Mine review. In their Hail Mary review they do a really good job of explaining the current nomination process and how it worked against Outlander and in their Dragonfly in Amber review they pointed out the errors that were made in the submission strategy taken and explain why Sam never stood a chance for a nomination. Hilarious how they misinterpreted what Cait said about Season 3 in the DIA review, LOL! I just love their enthusiasm! It's so refreshing to listen to their virgin reactions.