Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Droughtlander Diversions with MOP!


  1. SPOILER ALERT: The video contains spoilers for Gilmore Girls (up to S6E7?), Turn (up to S2E2) and Poldark (up to S2E2)!

  2. You 2 HAVE to do a co-cast with Elise and Marlise of Anglophile Channel's Poldark-Cast/OutlanderCast - That would be HILARIOUS!

  3. Thanks for the video, ladies! Can't wait to see the next one when Tracey finishes the Poldark season! (I've finally emerged from the funk I sunk into after certain Poldark events. Ugh!)I've been biding my time with This Is Us on NBC during Droughtlander. Have you been watching? It's totally bingeworthy! Would love to see you guys do a video on that!

    1. OMG Heather EVERYONE says how good that is! Tracey has seen it but I have to try it! PS - OMG I am WITH YOU on the Poldark funk! I was VERY upset for a while. And good news: TRACEY JUST FINISHED!!! We have to do another video soon!! :)