Friday, December 9, 2016

Will the REAL Robert the Bruce Please Stand Up

Reconstruction of the face
of Robert the Bruce
Angus MacFadyen as Robert the Bruce
in Braveheart (That wee film
Tracey has STILL yet to see!)

← How cool is this??? They have reconstructed the face of ROBERT THE  BRUCE!!!  I am such a junkie for these findings from the UK that pop up here and there...and the fact that this is about someone from SCOTTISH history??? I am verklempt!!!


  1. Very cool! And seriously, Tracey hasn't seen Braveheart? I don't know what to say about that. Except, get on it lass! So many things! So many pop culture references you're missing now because of Braveheart. And make sure you watch the directors cut on blue ray. At an obnoxiously high volume through your sund system. And then report back here. You need to. You won't regret it

    1. "And then report back here." 😂😂😂!!!!! SO FUNNY!!! We will have to have a major "Tracey has now watched Braveheart!" discussion!! LOL! I love it!! :)