Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What Time is It?

SPOILER ALERT: Dinna read unless you've read Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. 

So I watching the Outlander Season 2 premiere last night. Hubby was flipping channels, saw it, and stayed there. Either I have him trained, or that man is a bonafide Outlander fan! 😂

And as I was watching, I saw something I hadn't remembered from the first thousand times I watched it:

Claire realizing Jamie is dead. No, worse...Claire realizing that Jamie's been dead this...whole...time. Just like me! Just like ALL of us!

When I started Dragonfly in Amber, Tracey made me read Page 1 with her on the phone. And then I got upset and started to cry.

"Jamie's DEAD!", I said.

"Jamie was dead the day you started the series", Tracey said.

And last night, I watched Claire come to that realization, too. 😢

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  1. Oh Carol...(we all need to hold hands and cry together because this is sad) x o