Sunday, January 6, 2019

MOP Video: Outlander Starz "The Deep Heart’s Core" Ep 410


  1. I like the homey montages too. The warmth and familiarity is what we’ve missed for Jamie for years. All the more terrible when Brianna goes on a slap fest. She had this whole conversation with Jamie at the beginning, about wanting to kill her attacker. And then. when she finds out Jamie’s responded (as a man of his time) almost as violently as she herself wanted, - to who he thought was her attacker, - she’s stunned and self-riteously calling him a savage. Her behavior was as immature as when she fought with Roger after handfasting - which, between them, started them down the path into this mess. I would have liked to have seen her reign in that petulance, having realized the dangers of intemperance by that point. -And yet, the condescending violence she whipped up within her home was somehow justified, having cowed Jamie and come between her parents. I hope they don’t have Aunt Jocasta exploit this mess (with Murtaugh at her side) all through next season.

  2. I thought this episode should have been entitled, “Bree, Miss Sassy Pants”! LOL Bree and even Claire has rubbed me the wrong way when reading the books. Love that Diana made her beloved characters with faults just like the rest of us. Bree to me always carries a little bit of a chip on her shoulders and I have never thought she treated Roger with the respect he deserves. We will see how they portray their marriage in the TV show. It will be interesting to see.

    I have read other comments on other social media regarding the show and have been appalled by some of the book readers. So unkind to other people and to the actual show producers. I feel so fortunate to have my favorite book series adapted and appreciate all the efforts everyone who is making it possible. I wish all the bother book readers would do the same instead of just complaining all the time. So discouraging.

    I appreciate your love for the show and look forward to each week for your recap and what you guys think. Keep up the joy you spread each week. My prayers are with you, Carol, every week.

  3. Drunk girls talking Outlander! That's what makes this site so much fun.
    I was glad to hear y'all discuss Jamie seeing himself in Bree's Frasier Fit. Book readers know that is how Jenny recognizes Willie/William.( Lord knows I don't need another drink at 1:30 Sunday night, well Monday morning? Geez y'all are a bad influence...and I love it).
    I really loved this episode. For the 1st time, while he was keeping track of the days and surviving, Richard Rankin "felt" like Roger. Other actors haven't looked like their book counterparts,but made us believe, like Graham McTavish who just WAS Dougal. Roger should be bigger, darker and definitely more muscular.(He just worked his way across the Atlantic Ocean. We should expect some definition.) And I felt like I was seeing Brianna for the first time during the "fit".
    I discovered the books not long before Written in my Own Hearts Blood was released. I am so looking forward to reading Bees with y'all.

  4. I stopped comparing the books to the series and have just gone with it.
    Last week's episode spoiled me. I chalk it up to having two people write the episode having been with the production from the start.
    Interested in still watching, but more interested in seeing you two. I missed Tracey's "And they went this way, and they went that way..."
    Really glad you are recapping. I just can't say much about this season.

    1. I agree! I look forward to the recap more than the show too! Slainte!

  5. Really enjoyed this episode too and your recap. I think they might have had a longer discussion in reality about everyone leaving Frasier’s Ridge as Jamie has the responsibility of finding settlers and if he will be away for four months that will delay finding anyone (unless they recruit people on the way). It would also be a lot of work for the neighbor to keep up with the crops and animals while they are away. Though who wouldn’t want to look after Clarence.

    My favorite line was the other prisoner telling Roger he’ll need a longer string after Roger says he’s counting the days until he can get back to his old life. Favorite moment was the look on Murtagh’s face when he realizes Awkward Family Conversation is about to happen. Also loved Aunt Jocasta’s interaction with Murtagh.

    Can’t wait until next week! Is their cabin available thru Airbnb while they’re gone?

  6. Remember Paoli Maggie!January 7, 2019 at 2:42 PM

    You guys are just hilarious. I have been struggling with this season. Loved last week very much and this one was ok too. I heard they are changing up the writers for the next season. The next couple books will be an interesting adaptation. I am hopeful they comb Jamie's bangs to the side just a bit and have a longer tail. I know they struggle with his very high forehead. I am sure they have heard all of us heavily suggesting. Don't ever worry about how long you are taking with your podcast, it is great entertainment. We so appreciate your time and you point out so many things that I tend to miss and it is very enjoyable!

  7. Hi ladies, thank you again for a wonderful recap. Y'all seriously crack me up every time. I appreciate your time, energy, and the insight that you provide. You always point out something that I missed, or help me see things from a different perspective. Honestly, I often enjoy your recaps more than the show! Don't ever worry about going on too long. Also, Carol I have been meaning to come on here and send my best wishes for Tom's health. Once he is healthy again you will Rock the YOC!

    I skipped most of Season 3 because I really didn't like the how they were handling the characters and material, and it just bothered me too much. I have come back for Season 4 and it seems better - maybe because I am not so invested in the books after Voyager. I think other people have mentioned feeling the same way.

    Going back a few episodes - I fast-forwarded through the Bree-Roger sex scene - just didn't need to see it. No offense to the actors.

    Episode 409 - I think seeing your Dad (or anyone actually) pee is pretty gross - even in the book I always wished that was different. And yes, seeing him touch her face after that was eeewwww. But other than that the episode was amazing and had me sobbing several times - especially when Bree told Claire about the rape.

    Episode 410 - I thought it was good. It's a part of the books that I really don't care for - so much pain and anguish for all. I think it does track with the books that Claire initially is cold and angry with Jamie and only later, when they are on the journey, realizes that she does blame him and sees how much pain he is in, and makes up with him.

    One other comment - does anyone besides me notice Claire's and Bree's changing eyebrows? With Claire it seems like they come and go, and with Bree they vary in thickness. Just a minor point but a little distracting.

    Have a wonderful week all!
    Lisa in Georgia

  8. I have 400 cable TV channels and none of them are as entertaining as you two.

  9. Yes in the book Roger did get away. BUT two braves caught him so he doesn’t go thru the stones. And I can’t remember that part at all. Buzzing standing stones? And New York? It wasn’t that far away in the book. So the cliffhanger really had me wondering. What if he goes back?
    Well that’s not happening so I am thinking he is going to be snatched up at the last minute by the two braves like Claire was caught by the Redcoats before she could go back after she fought with Jamie in the first season. Yeah?
    Now my big question is...Murtagh and Jocasta instead of Duncan? He IS in the regular credits now.

  10. Hey Carol & Tracey. Happy New Year.
    I liked this episode even though there was that major change in Claire's reaction to Jamie beating up Roger. In the book (takes a sip) she realizes she effed up by not telling Jamie the whole truth. They leave heading north with her believing that Jamie is mad at her, that she was responsible for the whole mess. I'm not saying she shouldn't have been comforting Bree, but for her to be looking at Jamie the way she did just shows the the writers have not understood where book Claire's head is really at...and that is why the season feels off.
    Anyhoo.. I believe we are going to see a callback to BOTH SIDES NOW and those Mohawks are going to grab Roger. the main problem I have with this is that will the viewer be left to believe he WOULD have chosen to touch the stones...because as a book reader, I would never believe that. All in all, the actors all did an amazing job, especially Sophie. are not alone. I don't know what it is about that Bonnet guy, but he intrigues the heck out of me too. Marian

  11. Having re-watched the episode to really catch all that was said, I realized that Claire looked at Jamie's right hand which had sustained some bruises from punching Roger. Jamie was left-handed but Black Jack had assumed he was right-handed and punctured Jamie's right hand in the jail. There was nary a mark on Jamie's right hand in the scene at the dining table with the whole family present. Could such a major injury really have healed without a trace in 20 years?

  12. I grew up in NYC (Seattle now), but the museum of natural history is the best!

  13. As a new fan of you two wonderful ladies, keep doing what you do best each week. My love,thoughts, and prayers to you two. ;)

  14. Hi Tracey and Carol, I just discovered your recaps about three weeks ago. I enjoy them greatly. You are so entertaining and you have brought up some things i didn't notice in the episodes. I'm trying to catch up with your recaps but it's going to take me awhile, since there is three years worth plus apparently some book posts also? I haven't checked but did you discuss all the books too? I didn't start the books till shortly after the beginning of series 1 but finally finished them. I look forward to your opinions of Bees when it is published hopefully this year. I'm finding Drums even more interesting since a couple of years ago i started doing my geneaology at and did the dna test. Many of my ancestors came from the Carolina's and nearby and moved a bit westward probably not too many years after the series is set. I still have a lot of investigating to go with looking into that.
    Anyway, i'll be looking forward to the rest of this years series recaps.

  15. I love your recaps and usually watch right after the show to see if you have the same thoughts about the episode. So far, I think this is the best season (after the 1st of course), which surprised me quite a bit, since this definitely wasn't one of my favorite books. Just an FYI, Ian did propose to Bree in the book, but it was earlier and from what I remember, Jamie approved because after the shock, his main concern was Bree's reputation, as well as that of the baby. I am one of the book fans that loved Roger, but was not a huge fan of Bree. However, I like her a lot more in the series and am really enjoying her story line. Great job with the recaps! It's so nice to hear the perspectives of others that love the books as much as I do.