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MOP Video: Outlander Starz Episode 413: Man of Worth


  1. I saw Àdhamh present in Seattle, he is friggin hilarious! We took him to our local Scottish pub after, I am guessing he will remember myself and my friends! I am in for this adventure!

  2. The only thing I would have changed is, Claire could have handed the baby to Jamie instead of Jocasta. He could have held the baby and talked to Murtagh

  3. Loved the finale and your video - can't believe it's over! I really liked the Bree/Roger reunion and the look on her face from the window. When she was running toward the horse for one second I thought "please don't let it be Stephen Bonnet riding up." Loved the big Friesian horse (I think it's the same horse Jamie and Claire have ridden to New York).

    I thought Roger's acting was so great throughout -- he plays indignation with a touch of wittiness like no one else. I hope he gets some great storylines in next season too.

    Really liked the cinematography throughout and especially the scene when Bree is holding the baby and Jocasta and Phaedra are there and the camera pulls back to show the beautiful purple bedspread and curtains. It looks like a painting.

    I thought the scene with Claire comforting Bree when Roger didn't immediately come back was so poignant and well done.

    I worried that the letter from Tryon was retracting the land from Jamie because he'd been gone so long on the trek to find Roger. It does definitely set up a big quandry.

    Ideas for shows for you to watch during Droughtlander: North and South (the British series with Richard Armitage) and also Flambards (a British series from Masterpiece Theatre from years ago set on a big estate). That's so cool about the trip to Scotland -- it should be a yearly event!!

  4. I did read the book, and I do understand the the scene when C and J left the Mohawk without Ian was greatly detailed, however - in the show when Ian first stated that he wanted to stay he had a glint of excitement in his eye. He showed us that he wanted to stay for more than just to let J and C stay together. His face is so expressive and I saw that he was excited about staying. He already spoke the language and he knew a few members of the tribe. His personality craves adventure and of course when went through the initiation this was obvious...but it was clear even before that IMO. Ian was so great when he was whooping it up later on.

  5. From the producers’ recap, they were saying originally they had planned on having the cliffhanger be when Claire and Jamie walked up to Brianna and Brianna would ask, “Where’s Roger?” and then they would fade to black. I’m SO glad they didn’t do that ... I loved they resolved it NOW. They were afraid it might make the fans really mad. Loved Brianna running to Roger. Made me ugly cry. But not as good as the scene in the Pride and Prejudice movie when Mr. Darcy came walking through the meadow at dawn towards Elizabeth. My girlfriend literally slid off her seat at the theater!!! lol So... Carol DID have the same idea!! I like Tracey’s idea of Murtaugh being there with Jamie as he read the letter and have them look at one another. More powerful moment. Yes, Carol ... I would say it was a little lack luster! A

  6. No mention of the cute moment between Murtaugh and Jocasta touching foreheads when they thought the Redcoats were after him. The looks on Jamie's and Claire's face was priceless. Like "what the heck?" Great video, had me giggling!

  7. I loved the episode but thought the cliffhanger was rather lackluster compared to previous seasons. Too much was resolved at the end (Roger, et al.) If I ruled the writing room I would have Roger not rush back to Cross Creek, but instead after his release wander the countryside and discover the standing stones then, not before. The last scene would be Roger standing at the stones trying to decide what to do. I am not sure that non-readers would know how important the regulators would be in subsequent books.

  8. Thanks for your time, Ladies. Not sure I’d have stuck with the show without you. The keystone cops rescue at the Mohawk camp was so silly I couldn’t wait for the show to end. But then The fade to black made me yell No! I thought it was a non cliffhanger season end. And I think I was hoping they’d give us one. Anyway. Roger was super, Murtaugh was amusing, but I’m always going to want more Jamie-time. Short of giving me more Sam, please, for the love of maccallen, someone, hire new wigs in the next season!

  9. I love you Carol and I appreciate that with your crazy life you make the time to film these awesome videos. I love listening and re-listening to MOP podcasts, lately you’ve snacking throughout more and more of the videos, please stop. I call tell your trying to be quiet (thank you) however I can still hear; I think have Misophonia (the brain is miswired so certain sounds trigger the bodies “fight-or-flight” response). So, get really agitated/enraged when I hear chewing and I want to fight the person or run away --neither of which is an option when listen to a podcast (and fight is never really an option because that is an absurd response -hahah). I get if you need snack a bit during a long, late, night taping but maybe at least not through the whole video? In the end its your podcast I'm just making a request. I love your analysis. -Happy droughtlander.

    1. I was about to say the same! I found myself munching while on the phone chatting lately until the tables turned and someone ate while talking with me and I realized how bad it sounded. I have become very aware of it now.

  10. Yes, book 4 lost a lot of people including my BFF and my late husband (and he was a true American History buff). For my girlfriend, it lost its appeal as soon as they landed on the shores of America. For my hubby, he was tired of them always getting into trouble. And I almost quit after book 5 which I think a good portion of the book takes place in one day, if I remember correctly. It was hard to keep interested. I guess the books lost appeal for me because it wasn’t just Jamie and Claire’s story anymore. One book has 8 storylines from what Diana said about it. But I still decided to read the books anyway because I have to know about the ghost! It was kinda hinted at the reason in the finale this year. Did you catch it? Claire said ghosts come back usually because they have a message they still need to tell or something like that. Interesting... Maybe they will condensed the final 4 books into the next two seasons? We will see!!

  11. Hi, Carol and Tracey. You ladies make my week! You're looking lovely, and making me giggle as per .... I've paid a deposit, so I'm on board for the MOP This Bus is Us! tour ... Counting the days to April 25, 2020!

    I found the ending a bit meh. Not that a big cliffhanger is required, but, as others have noted, ending it with worried looks between Murtagh and Jamie could have improved it.

    Droughtlander! You've promised a "political" video ... so there's that (and the potential comment fodder).

    I've watched a few programs that you lassies have also watched, and I've watched a few that you've recommended:

    -- I watched Versailles on Carol's recommendation and recently watched season 3, it's a very well-produced historical drama, takes a few liberties with history, but overall the acting, scripts, costumes and cinematography are amazing (plus Louis and Philippe and soooooo much to talk about!)
    -- Turn, Washington's Spies
    -- John Adams, an HBO biopic miniseries about John Adams, based on David McCullough's biography, a great cast, starring Paul Giamatti (quite different from his recent role in Billions, lol.)
    -- The Last Kingdom (Uthred, son of Uthred!!)
    -- Show Me A Hero, a miniseries about a white middle-class neighbourhood's resistance to a federally mandated scattered-site public housing development in Yonkers; based on a true story ... so ... that little blurb from Wikipedia makes it sound, well, not too exciting, but, it was an excelent miniseries: political graft, etc etc etc, but all around, what a great story, written by David Simon (The Wire), and fantastic acting ... plus, Littlefinger as one of the real-life politicians.

    -- there are sooooo many, but one more for this short list is a series I really enjoyed, Justified (just google Timothy Olyphant (which is actually an old Scottish surname of Norman origin), he's a handsome fella!

    And, for Tracey and her quest to learn to love whisky (without an 'e'), this link is to an excellent radio documentary about the secrets of single malt, which is also known by its Gaelic name uisge beatha, or water of life, from which we get the word "whisky".

    "Robert Burns once proclaimed "freedom and whisky gang thegither". Burns was loved as a legendary drinker and loathed as a dreaded exciseman. So he could claim to know whisky from both ends of the consumption chain."

    Cheers from cold and snowy Canada!


  12. Tracey. Just a little info: Murtagh was banging Suzette. When Claire, Jamie and Ian show up at the Mohawk village, they are separated. Jamie is injured in a fight and thrown into the idiot hut, Claire is put in the women’s hut and Ian is off canoodling with the Mohawks and meets Emily. The arrive just as they are getting ready to burn the priest, so the dynamic of those scenes are completely different. And Joanna Gaines was the granddaughter of the chief at the time Otter Tooth was there.

    Carol. You were absolutely right about how they portrayed Ian staying with the Mohawk. Too much is left to be assumed by the viewer. As a book reader, we can fill in the blanks. But my husband, a non book reader, also watches and he is just questions and questions. He is left with gaps and unexplained behaviors by the characters. He is bothered by the diminishing of Jamie & Claire’s characters, especially Claire and is questioning whether he will watch subsequent seasons. Heck, I know plenty of book readers who feel that way because of how they completely skipped showing Bree actually forgiving and bonding with Jamie. That was a totally disservice to him. And as far as Roger, I agree with you. The fact that he even considered not going to Bree is not a redeemable quality. He is NOT a man of worth in my eyes.

    Tracey. Thank goodness you mentioned the Adagio of Strings. Bear McCreary is a brilliant composer and scorer. I mean, what the hell? It was so freaking cheesy. I just did not get the need for it since he has written such beautiful music for this show to begin with.

    I’m going to miss you guys. Anything you can do to slake the thirst during droughtlander would be greatly appreciated. As for costumer period shows I watch…GOT of course, Victoria, The Crown (which will be starting again) Poldark (which will be on in the fall), Thanks again ladies. Marian4456

  13. Tracey! I called M/J a year ago as well! But i’ll be darned if I didn’t totally misread the cues! I even said, “Shit! She’s gonna send him packing!” So it was quite a pleasant shock when they segued to the bedroom. Loved it! I cried big several times. Of course, I missed Jamie helping with the birth, Ian bonding with and becoming a Mohawk, and the days-long visit that culminated in the final trade, but in a way, that’s fun because I can fill in the deets to my husband afterward, and it’s no big deal at all.

    Your Scotland trip sounds AMAZING, but coincidentally, we are planning to go there in July for our 25th anniversary. Golf for my husband, and Outlander sightseeing for both of us. I wish I could do both, but I will look forward to reliving it with y’all!

    Carol, keep snacking - i’m snackin’ and drinkin’ wine right along. Don’t change a thing, girls! See you during Droughtlander, I hope!

    Carla Hays

  14. I had spotted a spoiler that the birth scene in the book was dropped before I saw the finale and my heart sank. I thought this was such a fab scene in the book giving Jamie finally a chance to be in at the birth of his grandchild after having had a heartbreaking arms length relationship with Willie and then separation and having missed out on Bree's young life completely. It was also a great way to see Bree and Jamie re-connect and mend fences after their recent fight over Roger as well as there being some great humour too. I just wish they had stretched the finale to 80 minutes, even 70 minutes would have been enough. I do not really understand why they chose to change this. Having said this though I thought the Ian and Jamie scene was great and the acting all around was brilliant. I agree with Tracey that they really didn't have to sign post the coming danger with Murtagh in the letter to Jamie. I also wondered just how Jamie will react to the Jocasta/Murtagh thing! He did look askance when Jocasta got physical when she urged Murtagh to go into hiding when the red coats appeared but I wonder if he will have a problem with an ongoing relationship? Is it going to cause a rift between them I wonder? Not only was Murtagh historically in love with Jamie's mother and jumping on her sister may be a little much for Jamie to accept as well as the whole danger thing for Jocasta to be involved with a wanted man. I do hope this is not a thread the writers pursue. If we have to accept 12 episodes for the next two seasons (please God they actually get made after so much negative feedback this season) I do not want to be sidetracked to a Jamie and Murtagh feud at the expense of book content. Please also can we see a little more of the sensual Jamie/Claire - their physical connection is at the heart of their special magic and just because they have aged - in the books at least they maintain this. I felt this season was almost ageist in the portrayal of their sexual relationship. Lastly I pray that the Hair stylists/wig guys get it right next season. I just want to be able to reach out and imagine running my hands through Sam's locks again. I know he is older now but I have never heard of age related brush aversion disease! Cannot think about the age until next season release but hope Book 9 will be published sometime this year to help me through Droughtlander.

  15. I can't coment much on the episode because I liked all of it. I learned early on to take Herself's advice and not to compare the books to the television show. Having read the books does help fill in the gaps and give one a sense of where the story itself has to go. Changes in the story such as Murtagh showing up alive don't bother me much. I do get a little irked at the Indian's perfect English and the weird storylines with Frank (enough already) and Leghair :-).
    Overall, I just sit back and enjoy the tv show for what it is while loving the books. I also love the recap you ladies do. It's one of the highlights of my week so I will be sorely missing you both.

    As for your tour, I would be all over that except that I've been to Scotland twice (before I read the books) and have been to all the places on your tour (sometimes twice) except for Hopetoun House, Midhope Castle, and Fraser Castle. Let me tell you this about the Glenfiddich Distilery. While my husband and I toured a bunch of distileries, Glenfiddich is where we found our favorite whisky. When we knew my husband's cancer was terminal, he bought three bottles of Glenfiddich 15 and told me that after he was gone I was to enjoy them, think about him, and move on with my life. BTW, the ladies restroom at the Glenfiddich Distilery is a must see. Just sayin'.

    Now, if you find yourself needing just one or two more for the tour (which I doubt will happen), you might be able to twist my arm just to go on fun tour with you guys! My family heritage is Scottish. I'm a Blair and my husband was a Donnachaidh. One can never see too much Scotland!

  16. How did Roger find his way to River Run all by himself, since he'd never been there? I noted that he'd had time (and scissors) to trim his beard before he got back to Brianna.
    Roger told Claire that there was a circle of stones but I only saw one big one in the scene when he was deciding to go back to the 20th century.

  17. I can't even finish the recap. I'm so sick that the tour is sold out.

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  19. Tracey and Carol,
    My crazy fun Colorado girlfriends and I are on the waiting list!!!! I willna fash...fingers crossed that we can join ye!
    Lynn Ahern

  20. Oh my God you two are hysterical! That part about three people in that reunion scene had me crying with laughter. Thanks for these videos. They are an absolute hoot!

  21. Me gusto mucho el reencuentro de Bree y Roger. Es diferente a los libros pero he separado mi esperiencia de los libros a la serie y los disfruto a los dos. Me falto un mayor acercamiento entre Bree y Jaime. Pero espero que se de en la proxima temporada