Sunday, May 10, 2020

MOP Video: Episode 512 - "Never My Love" RECAP

My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the SEASON FINALE of Season 5 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment of the final episode of Season 5, including the fabulousness that was every ounce of Claire’s 60s midcentury modern dream sequence; why young JAMMF was just the right memory for Claire; what 60s Murcasta has in common with the SNL Lovahs; why 60s Ian broke our hearts; why “Never My Love” is our new earworm for life; why warpaint Ian excited us to death; why having the Browns take the lead on the kidnapping of Claire didn’t work so much for us; how JAMMF doing some modern day dancing gave us all the feels; why Roger has never been hotter than when he pledged his troth to JAMMF; how we mourned the loss of the bodhran and the Gaelic (and why it speaks to the fact that the show has lost some of its Scottishness); the greatness that was Ian’s badass, warpainted, tomahawk-tossing self and Fergus taking down guys with one hand; what Jamie meant by “kill them all” if they didn’t really kill them all; why Bree might want to be a little worried by Claire’s feelings toward Marsali; why Claire’s “I Will Survive” scene is Emmy-worthy; why Carol thinks Roger ruined the time traveling by thinking about the Stay-Puft marshmallow man; why Marsali is more badass than any of the dudes who saved Claire; why we CAN’T wait for the JAMMF/Richard Brown confrontation that has to be coming next season; why JAMMF’s reading of the last line of The Fiery Cross was so successful; what might be in store for season 6 (and whether David Berry’s Lord John is REALLY as done as he says); and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

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  1. The leak. Remember in one of the books, when Jamie and Claire were in the cabin, the roof leaked, and Jamie got out of bed and went out in the snow to fix it. It was a great scene.

  2. She takes the orange in the same way she took the orange when she marched out of the French king's bedroom in season 2 after he tried to force her to have sex with him. It was a kind of FU moment where she felt back in control.

  3. So sad this season and your recaps are over - And, for not knowing how long the Droughtlander will be thanks to Coronapocalypse!!
    Your recaps helped make the last two months of quarantining bearable. I enjoyed your valuable (and funny) insights into each episode. You gave me so many great pointers I missed like in this finale with the police officer being someone we knew in Claire's 60's trauma escape. And, I too am worried there may not be a season 7 especially with the delays in production and the stars may want to move onto something else:(
    I hope you do some other videos over the summer, and thanks for reminding me that Dead to Me is back for season 2! I am going to catch up on that next.
    My best to all during Droughtlander,

  4. The abduction was just an accident as Hodgepile had been trying to locate the still and came upon Marsali and Claire at the malting shed. They thought they may have killed Marsali and so took Claire to find out the whereabouts of the still. Most of the men wanted to leave her and make off because they knew Jamie would seek revenge. But Lionel did not like Claire and Hodgepile was determined to get hold of the whisky. I am not sure why they chose to bring in the Dr Rawlings storyline and agree with Tracey that this being the sole motivation for the abduction even down to the diversionary tactic of blowing up the still to get the men away from the ridge was unconvincing and also do not see they would have saved any screen time by changing from the original script.

    The 60s vibe with the music really made me think of Lost the tv show and the playing of Mama Cass Play your own kind of music, kind of spooky but a great hook that plays in your head.

    Not sure why they spent all the time 511 saying goodbye to everyone to have R & B return and no-one really thought this was odd! Just a device to keep people guessing? Would have liked to see more of other family bonding stuff instead.

    Loved the 60s House and all the characters were perfect, roll necks, Ian in uniform, Marsali and Fergus a perfect Groovy couple and young Jocasta. Jamie shielding Claire with his plaid.

    In the book Claire was really conscious, or nearly unconscious, when tied up to the tree that she was in serious danger of suffocating from the gag they had on her and the rope which tightened on her neck if she moved in the wrong way. This might have explained the idea of her coming and going in to a dream state as well as the trauma disassociation that the show depicted. I am thankful that they didn't include the guy, I think it was Hodgepile, masturbating over her, that was particularly gross in the book and Claire notes it as such.

    Really missed hearing Rogers drums and the highland war cries, surely they could have included that. Also missed Jamie's care for Claire. I really believe Sam purposefully took a step back in this ep to give the spotlight to Cait. I am hoping that we might get some flashbacks or ptsd moments in S6 from this episode which include Jamie helping Claire through her trauma. The getting over having sex and necessity of it to cause doubt over the paternity of a possible offspring though was an obvious scene to cut. Not only would it be very difficult to sell to a modern audience, especially in the way it played out in the book, but the show very much wants to deal with these issues in a "responsible manner", good intentions but that is why I read books - Diana manages to deal with very complex issues in a realistic but raw way that could so easily be really way misinterpreted by a modern PC world. Starz et al are also going for a very female strong perspective on this show, good but also bad.

    Loved Marsali with the syringe - the glass merchant obs came up trumps! However yet another indication that the whole Frenchmans gold storyline may be cut completely as Mrs Bug did for Lionel because he had discovered part of a gold bar in her knitting basket in her cabin while she was out and didn't want him to spill the beans to J&C. Jamie had made sure Claire was shielded from Lionel purposely but he dragged himself to the main house unexpectedly.
    Liked Marsali being a badass for her Mother Claire though.

    On a sound note, not sure if it is just me going deaf but found quite a bit of the dialogue difficult to catch in this ep. Loved the acapella version at the end of the ep though.

  5. The last words from TFC and in the show were brilliant, delivered brilliantly by Sam and I think these were the ones DG actually won an award for as the best last sentence of a book at the time. So glad they included them although I wish they had had J&C closer and more intimate when saying it, even if it had just been with Jamie's arm around Claire.

    Finally, Yes Carol I think it might be 2022 before we get more - OMG praying the industry survives coronapocolypse and that Outlander fandom wins the lottery for investment! Pleeeeeeez!

    Thank you girls for the laughs, here in blighty it's a windy cool day after many days of blue skies, warm sunshine and birdsong seldom heard above the noise of traffic! Stay safe, stay home, despite what our leader Boris says it is not seemingly safe anymore than it was last Friday! Good luck and God Bless XX

  6. I’m sure you both have read other comments and have maybe rewatched the episode and caught things you didn’t see the first time. This episode was full of Easter Eggs and homage to other episodes like the Red Dress, The Dragon Fly Jemmy was playing with, the Vase, etc. The Orange was definitely symbolic of her taking back her dignity like she did with the King! Tracey, good catch at the album cover! In the producer recap, they say we will have to watch it several times to get all the symbolism!!

    Carol, I had forgotten about the drums, and you are absolutely correct, that would have added SO much!! I get goosebumps just thinking about it!! Maybe they can edited it in, if they filmed it, for the Netflix version!!!! 👍🏻

    I have NO idea when we will get season 6 or God forbid we don’t ever get season 6. Maybe they will do 6 episodes at a time and spread it out over a year. Who knows. I have a feeling season 6 is it. And quite obviously, the TV show will end differently then the books since we don’t even have book #9 yet and Diana said there will be a book 10. So, I HOPE they get a sanctioned version approved by Diana. Time will tell.

    I’ll miss you girls. Have a great summer and will look forward to your next video whenever that might be!

  7. I know that it is said that JAMMF can't time-travel, but, the thing is....
    The Scots warrior standing on the corner looking up watching Claire in
    the window of Mrs Baird's guest house. I don't care - the King of Men can
    do ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Loved the sixties' house. The furniture looks just like mine! I agree that the dream sequence went on too long. The rushing river did make it very difficult to hear the dialogue, especially with the Scottish accent. I also felt that Jamie and Claire were too far apart when he perfectly delivered the award-winning line. Sam and Cait deserve Oscars, not just Emmys, for their performances in the last few episodes. The Roger and Brianna time-travel scene was very confusing because it didn't transport them to the 20th century. Why didn't it? Loved the way the credits were at the end with the gorgeous solo song.

    1. LOL on the 60's furniture and color scheme! They nailed it - growing up in the 60's and 70's that is exactly how my parents house looked! Even had the olive green colored washer and dryer!! Will miss this show so much and your recaps.
      Luv you two!
      Be well!

  9. Since we may be getting to the end of this series (or not) I wanted to do a few thoughts over the past series comments you two have so masterfully done!
    It got me thinking when Tracey did the YouTube appearance on Friday night - I think The Book Refuge....don't know. "Favorite episodes." was a topic that perked my interest.
    I will always know which one was mine - so I went back and replayed your recap of it after re-watching the episode on Starz Demand.
    Some of your early recaps were long - but my fave one I had completely forgotten about and it was hilarious to hear Carol say, 49 MINUTES, let's get moving!!!
    BUT!!! These recaps truly saved me in Coronapocalypse! I'm really busy on Sundays and kept live tweeting with you on the eps - but come Monday AM - to face another week in NYC on lockdown, you were the perfect start with my AM coffee!
    This season was really well done - just a couple of eps I thought were just okay with so many storylines being jammed together or left out and transitions didn't make sense. I was pretty much okay with that as I don't need to compare the books to the TV series - I can appreciate them separately. I got tired of the "let's dismiss Roger," but the book represented that - I just can't remember how much. Not a book I would read again. But the scenes they did that in, you two always made me laugh - the locusts - him shooting - leaving him behind to take care of the Ridge - they delivered the message.
    I've watched the ratings this season and they have had a fair amount of erosion. They were typically in the 700,000 for viewership of the first run on Sun night. Even though Starz will roll up the audience for all plays over the week for its audience delivery, you base a program on it's first run. Sunday night prime is a tough time slot. The season finale did perk up at 855,000. It's a shame as this season was a very strong one for me.
    When you figure this show typically averaged around 900,000 to a million, this is a drop this season. This series could be easily wrapped up in season 6 without having to cover all the storylines involved in the American Revolution.
    With this disruption and the slowness of this production and post, I don't see this coming back on the air until the earliest - 2022. That pretty much kills it for anyone but the real Outlander fan. It is just too long. And the ratings this year have pretty much accounted for the number. With this long delay, the audience numbers could erode further.
    If Diana has her book coming out, say, in November, it would help the interest, but I agree, a tough proposition with a tour and a fairly certain second wave of Pandemic. But the book, even with video interviews and video events with her could really keep fans happy. A perfect Christmas release, but I think that book won't be ready.
    The disappointment in ending the series short of the book - currently book 8 would be not having how Diana concludes this series, which I guess would be a book 10. The way she writes, I'll be near retirement....
    They may have to end this without her final words in a book of how the lives of Jamie and Claire end. That I think would be a loss.
    Great, great work you two this season. Every once in a while I'll listen to another recap, but it never is as good as yours.
    P.S. Yes, I continued to laugh at your french pronunciations whether it be the series or the wines you were drinking. You can thank my grandfather for forcing me to learn French and Spanish starting at 7.
    - jefsantamonica

  10. Read the book again, the day after they arrive home, Ian & Claire - that could've been done beautifully, also Fergus popping over - those two were great for Claire at that time. Taking the Bugs out isn't a good choice.

  11. Hey y’all. I just wanted to say I love, love, LOVE your show. I’m in my late 20s and I discovered Outlander through an acquaintance after I mentioned a dream I had where Stonehenge was a time portal. She was like “GIRL. Read/watch this series.” I did and I was… enamored.
    In the meantime she lost interest just as I was digging in. So now I don’t have anyone to talk to about my love for the story. The one other person I met who watched the show called me “lame” for being so invested in the story and characters, but then, she quit following once “Jamie stopped being hot” NEVER!!!!
    When I found your youtube channel and blog, I was so happy to find kindred spirits and every time I watched an episode I would run straight to your channel to hear your thoughts and I feel like I’m there. One of the girls. Your love and enthusiasm for these stories and characters makes me SO happy and I hope you never stop your discussions because, and I mean this, it enhances my experience of the story. It makes Droughtlander easier, too. Thank you sincerely. I love you guys!

  12. Where have you been???? I have missed you two! You have made this difficult time easier. I have listened to your recaps through three times and have enjoyed, felt saddened and LOL through your experiences. I hope you are both well and come back and talk again! I have never looked forward to explanations of my favorite TV show and books as your renditions.
    Thank you!