Sunday, May 3, 2020

MOP Video: Season 5 Episode 511 "Journeycake" RECAP

My Outlander Purgatory's Carol and Tracey are back to recap the latest episode of Season 5 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment of this DIANA GABALDON WRITTEN penultimate episode, including why tonight’s top story is ROGER AND BREE OMG!!!!; why the Stanley Tucci negroni video is a Droughtlander must-watch; what Diana might think of having to adapt her own work for the show; whether or not the Sopranos were the inspiration for journey cake/johnnycake; how the Frasers will discuss time travel in front of pretty much anyone; what Claire will do if one more person calls her a fairie; whether or not we’ll ever see Ulysses again; how Claire’s granny nightie impacted THAT scene; whether or not the next scene could have happened 12 hours later; how far Sophie Skelton has come this season; what the future might hold for Lizzie; why Jamie should have gone all Clint Eastwood on the Browns’ asses; why Roger is secretly thrilled to be getting the hell out of dodge; Lord John and his love rays; why Ian was giving us all the feels when the Mackenzies went back; where we’re going to go with the Mackenzies now….and how much longer will we go there for; why we feel bad for the poor dislocated shoulder guy; why we’re happy Germaine didn’t come down with another case of trauma-it is; why Jamie lighting the fiery cross was awesome AF; and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

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  1. Think Roger and Bree still in same place not been sent back yet Mandy not born yet and might have be due to baby refuse them to all leave this far out their i think Roger see Fire cross burning , cant see them doing it this way with out Mandy baby think return find Claire been taken. Roger join them on hunt i could be wrong i see it going this way cant end it so easy War has so much in it Ian find out his dad dies and go back Jenny come back with them all these other stuff like Claire almost death scene in book she got shoot No No Stars cant end it .This what i think might happen

  2. Loved loved LOVED Claire showing Marsali how to fix a dislocated shoulder. I also thought - that's what she first did for Jamie!!!!! Loved this episode so much (and love y'all so much)! Be well!

  3. I looked it up. The sandwich was invented in 1718. Still, it might have been a while till they were commonly eaten everywhere.

  4. The French comment was "my little flower, the scent of a woman" BOOYA (ma petite fleur, eau de femme).. the implication is scent of her honeypot

  5. Love your theory, Tracey! I was thinking along the lines of maybe it was just a few years earlier, and Bree would get to help Young Ian work out his problem that he wished he could “fix”. But in all reality, we can’t really expect this to continue. The actors probably would like to explore movies and other opportunities. And how could they keep going for years and years, waiting on Books 9 and 10?! Actually, Tracey, your idea would be perfect.
    SPOILERS following:

    They could spend 12 episodes going back and forth between Jamie/Claire/Ian/Lizzie, etc. getting in some good book stuff from 6,7, AND 8! AND Bree/Roger/Jemmie trying like hell to get *somewhere* whether past or future, maybe both, until they have had Mandy, figured out the time travel thing, lived at Lollybrach, and deciding to, for whatever reason, go back.

    Things I would want, but probably not get:

    Jamie, Jem, and the gold

    The trunk full of letters from J &C

    I want to wish for all ten books to be in the show, but realistically, how would they manage it? I think “Hallo, The House” sounds perfect!

  6. Both Cait & Sam are contracted for 7 seasons. That being said, S6 would introduce William, the gold, and the Revolutionary War storylines. S7 would incorporate books 7-9, then after book 10 is released they would do a special 3 hour episode wrapping up the series. That’s what I’m hoping for....

    1. That would be perfect, if only...

      Hope you are on to something!

  7. I was thinking don’t they have Mandy before going back? And I thought they went back because Jemmy had a heart condition and they HAD to go back?

    I’m so glad they put my favorite little tidbit in of the peanut butter sandwich and the seran wrap floating away!!!!! ❤️

    I had the same thought they are wrapping up storylines quickly because I only have heard about season 6. I hope if that’s the case they add more episodes. I hoping they ask Diana how she would like it to end without a book 10.

    I think you guys should do a recap of book #9 when it comes out. Maybe you can do several chapters at a time and we can read along with you?? Or read the and then discussed by chapters??? We will miss you guys when this season is over. And who knows when season 6 will be aired with this pandemic going on.

  8. Thank you ladies for another wonderful recap.

    I am wondering if Bree, Roger and wee Jem end up in the year they are supposed to, but are right by a reenactment when they "land." Hence, Jem's excitement.

  9. Of the tv seasons, I'd only been compelled to get back to the books to relive the real story in season 2. This week's episode made me go from Fiery Cross to ABOSSA and into Echo. (What enjoyable reading!!!) I hope they don't write out Amanda due to 'time constraints' (:snort!:) and compress the Bri/Rog/Jem timeline all the way into Echo without her. Since they don't have Terry anymore for costuming, it would seem likely to save the show money to go more into the "futcha" with that storyline where they can just rent more modern clothing for the cast and extras than spending so much time in the 18th century. Sigh...there is so much good stuff back then but realistically without Ron and the cast perhaps wanting to move on to other projects I think we can't be too hopeful. I still really wish you'd do a YouTube Live event and call it The Spoiler Show where we could discuss all manner of spoilery things! Hope you are having a lovely Spring week!

  10. I'm finally catching up on you guys - took me a while. Re Jemmy traveling... This does not prove his parentage as Brianna knows it only took one parent to be a travelor for her to make it through the stones.

    Diana had actually been asked about writing an episode and said she had to ask for one of the later, near end, ones as her schedule was too busy to get to it before then. She may have had a choice of a few - but not all Eps.

    I too loved the Fiery Cross lighting. In fact even you discussing it brought tears to my eyes. Calling the 'clans'( his men, whatever) to stand with him to find Claire.

    Sam & Cait have 7 years contracts but does that mean 7 seasons, since they have went beyond a year of filming in season 1. Since the later books get into the war more (trying not to type spoilers) there is much that could be hand picked out of that to focus more on the the ridge, central characters, and family. There are so many scenes I want to see come to life. But there are also many pages in the books that stretched on and on about things that could be left out. So books 6 - 9 (or 10) could probably be condensed in some way. I would think if season 6 were the end, they would have a huge amount of loose ends to tie up. I do not think the Ulysses storyline is one that is tied up - he can return later once he is a free man in England or perhaps that actor wanted out - as Laura Donnelly did. And much praise was given to this season of simplifying the storylines after Season 4's meandering. I hope for more season renewals maybe after they are back working on Season 6 we will get more info on he future of the show.