Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diana Gabaldon in West Virginia: JE SUIS PREST, YA'LL!!!!!!!


Nikki is still gallivanting around West Virginia with Diana (where she was appearing at the West Virginia Book Festival) and WE ARE NOT WORTHY because she sent us this FABU shot of Diana wearing one of THE MOST AWESOME shirts I have EVER seen!!!

Here is a great shot of Diana yawning (and looking younger than my niece who just graduated from college, might I say) after a long day at the festival: 

And here is a shot of people waiting in line for Diana's autograph:

All in all, it looks like a tremendous time was had by all! But let me tell ya - I hope Diana can get some DOWN TIME soon! All this traveling would make me batty!

I want to throw a HUMONGOUS "Thank you!!!" out there to Nikki for being SO INCREDIBLY KIND and sending us these photos. You ROCK, HOOKA!!!


  1. I want to know her beauty/anti-aging secrets. Maybe SHE came through some stones??? ;-)

    Great shirt, too!

  2. I think Jamie would approve of that shirt... (-; Go Diana!

  3. Love the shirt!

    I stood in line for almost 2 hours to get to meet her, and the line was still really long after me.

    Super glad she came to WV.

  4. Oooh Melissa! You were there! Excellent!! :)

  5. There's a typo on that shirt! LOL!!
    The apostrophe stands for the _missing_ letters. In this case the 2nd and 3rd letters in "you". It's spelled "y'all", y'all! :-)
    Diane in GA

  6. That's hilarious, Diane, and you are correct! LOL!

  7. Awesome pics! DG looks adorable. I actually feel really sorry for her in the yawning photo - she really does run herself ragged for her fans and she does it with wit and a smile and makes us feel like this is the first time she's ever heard our questions! Wow, no one else has ever asked me that! :-)
    My schedule for the day only has work, walk the dog, and lunch with a friend and I'm pooped just thinking about it. I can't imagine DG's action packed months on the road touring.
    Thanks for posting the pics you guys!

  8. these are great pictures! And of course being a southerner myself, I love the t shirt!!