Saturday, October 30, 2010


We interrupt our regularly scheduled Outlander babbling...

Just wanted to pass along a link to a new blog I'm working on for a project that is really near-and-dear to my heart. It's about an upcoming film called "Sugar"...which will be shot in LA and is about homeless kids and the struggles they go through to survive.

The film will star Shenae Grimes (90210), Marshall Allman (True Blood), Alex Meraz (The Twilight Saga films) and a few others who will be announced soon.

The blog will show the ins and outs of making the film...which I hope will spread awareness about homeless kids who literally don't know where they'll sleep tonight...or where they'll find their next meal.

Thanks y'all. I now return you to our previously scheduled Jamie Fraser obsessing. :)


  1. Well done Carol, the blog page looks verra professional.

    I work in a school and most people canna believe the percentage of mentally ill parents and children there are. The numbers of neglectful and abusive parents are incomprehensible to those who try to do what is right and raise our kids in a good environment.

    I can almost pick out the kids who will end up homeless or in prison because nobody cared about them.

    Post Scriptum: We have been told it is all the school's fault. :(

  2. Thank you for advocating for children. Near and dear to my heart as well.

  3. Thanks L and Adventures. It's been really interesting learning about the ins and outs of making a film...and they are spending a lot of time researching homeless kids in LA and talking to people at shelters, youth organizations, etc.

    L - that is terrible that people blame the school. As a parent of school-aged children, I sometimes hear that, too...and I'm always amazed that people can be so clueless. Schools are supposed to teach children; not raise them. My other sister (the "third sister" who hasn't made it past Outlander....YET) is a teacher... and she tells me stories about parental neglect all the time.

  4. Carol,

    Thank you.

    It's a gut-wrenching subject, but one that I constantly try to make my own kids aware of. We live such privileged lives and sometimes forget how lucky we are in comparison!

  5. Carol, you have such a talent for gathering info and people together online - to use it for such a noble cause is awesome. I'll definitely follow your new blog!

  6. Thanks Anne Marie - I totally agree. I am constantly telling my kids how lucky they are and so many kids out there don't don't have dinner... let alone a Nintendo DS.

    Awww Sirena you are so sweet. Thank you! I'd love it if you followed the blog! :)

  7. Thanks Carol - what a great project. Your blog will help a lot of people connect who might never have known they could do something to help. I used to work in an elementary school... we had a FIFTH GRADER with a parole officer. Saddest thing I ever saw: every time that boy got in trouble in class, he would sit in the "time out" room and cry his eyes out, then fall asleep. No one at home even cared. I keep praying he will find a way out one day. :'(