Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Hubby Fun with Outlander

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you've read  61% of Outlander.

OK y'all - my Tom (that's a Bronze Horsemanism.  MY Tom) has finally gotten to the witch trial!  Ooooh I'm so jealous!  And I totally forgot that Claire doesn't mention Geillis' vaccination scar until after Jamie saves her and they talk...and almost let the cat out of the bag!  It went something like this:

Carol: "Um...did Claire mention anything about Geillis?" 
DH:"Uh...that she's pregnant?" 
Carol: "Maybe something slightly more wee about her?"
DH: "Huh?"

It was at that point that I realized I needed a big, ol' cup of shut-the-eff-up or I'd be giving a huge spoiler!

I then told Tom about my big screen version of that scene, where Jamie gallantly rides in on his horse and rescues Claire whilst Bono is heard in the background yelling "All I want is youuuuuu!  All I want is youuuuuu!"  Um...yeah.  He wasn't exactly as blown away as I am by my vision.  If only I could reach in and grab it out of my head.

PS - Hub will SO be reading The Bronze Horseman after this.  I think he'll need a break before Dragonfly...and let's be honest...all that talk of war?  Men "live for that shit" like grandparents live for birthdays.


  1. Carol, that just seems a bit cruel to go from Outlander to TBH, cause then he'll HAVE to read T&A... and you commenting on it every step of the way. Sounds fun...

  2. I know, Clay, right?? But honestly, I think a) the Outlander series is a bit overwhelming with 7 books and b) WWII. He will really enjoy TBH and will really REALLY enjoy T&A. I honestly cannot imagine doing that much research, let alone writing something so detailed. Clearly those who can't write novels write blogs. ;)

  3. "Clearly those who can't write novels write blogs."

    Um... Carol? Hello?

    Just kidding here, girl... ;)

  4. LOL Sorry Christie! I should say "Clearly those who can't write novels write (ridiculous) blogs (where they say things like "no she di'nt" and "lordddddd". ;)

  5. Listen, sweetie, if it wasn't for your blog(s) I would not have nearly as much fun in life as I do...
    Don't EVER stop! I love you!

  6. How can you make Tom switch to TBH right after DIA?? That's just cruel! If I wouldn't have been able to move right onto Voyager, I don't know what I would have done. THEN I would be able to take a break before DOA (maybe that's just a romantic girlie thing, I don't know.)

    You're all making me nervous with your "after TBH he'll HAVE to read T&A talk". Are you telling me I'm going to have a major cliffhanger on my hands tonight after I finish TBH???? Ugh. "Paging Lorton Public Library, I need T&A STAT!!"

  7. Wait, I just re-read the blog, and I see that you're going to recommend TBH BEFORE he reads Dragonfly! So you're not a complete sadist... ;-)

  8. THIS:
    "...all that talk of war? Men "live for that shit" like grandparents live for birthdays."

    My inner Molly Ringwald just squealed!

  9. LOL Cari - I'm lucky he's even reading I should just shut up and see what he does.

    Stacey - I even looked for the video of her saying that but couldn't find one small enough. LOL!! PS - have the Staceys read The Bronze Horseman?? I have to check your blog.

  10. @ Carol-
    Neither of us have read the Bronze Horseman, yet. I just moved it up on my list after reading these comments though! :)