Monday, June 13, 2011

Outlander Chat Tonight

Outlander Chat Tonight - 9PM Eastern Standard Time!  Although I have to apologize right now because I may have to cut out early and finish reading Book 2 in The Bronze Horseman series.  You guys have gotten me so ensconced that I can't even drag my face out of this book.  Can someone please go pick up my kids at school?  ;)

PS - My hub is halfway through Outlander.  I'll have some good male observations for tonight's chat.  He's like "Thankfully, I think I'm past the parts about the hair on Jamie's knuckles".  ROFLMAO!! 


  1. Oh man, I missed the whole thing! My DH is going out of town tomorrow, and the silly man decided he wanted to spend some time with me before he left. Um, doesn't he know that Monday at 9 is reserved for my MOP peeps?? lol

    On the plus side, when I told him what I'd normally be doing at this time (hint hint), he started asking me all kinds of questions about Outlander. Hmmm, maybe Carol's DH (and Amede!) will have a new OL buddy?? OK, probably not anytime soon! lol

  2. LOL - and now onto the part about Jamie's nipples :-) That said, I think the book is that rare thing that has something for everyone. SO awesome that your husband is reading it!

  3. Have you seen this?!