Monday, September 12, 2011

The Kilted Driller

Thanks to Dru over at the Compuserve Books and Writers Community, via (Darling) Nikki over at Voyages of the Artemis (Diana Gabaldon's Youtube channel) we now have   
The Kilted Driller!

WATCH while he takes...out his power tool!  :)


  1. Carol,
    I'm expecting to read all sorts of jokes re the kilted driller. So far, nothing. What's up?

    BTW, I want to give credit where's it due. The DH of a work colleague took this picture. They are members of the Tulsa S.C.O.T. Club. Just want to set the record straight because she and I would never skip school and leave our students hanging to run across Tulsa and take a pic.

  2. Carol,
    Sorry. Forgot to sign off on that last comment. I'm not worried about remaining anonymous. Dru

  3. Dru, you rock! This picture made my whole damned week!

    No worries - I posted it late in the day...give it a little while. I especially thought my "watch" comment was a nice touch. ;)

    And yes...I do believe Tracey and I WOULD leave a bunch of children hanging to go take a picture of an extremely large statue sporting a kilt. ;)

  4. humm, I wonder when the wind blows if he is anatomically correct? *giggles*

  5. Michelle,
    Living in a state where "the wind comes sweeping down the plains", you know we would all get a peek. Unfortunately, he's got those darn pants on. He does have a fairly nice "package" for a statue. Hell yes, I look. Every time I drive by it!!

  6. Carol,
    I know you and Tracy would completely obsess until you had a pic. We teach high school chillins'. There's no way we can walk away from that. Nuf said?

    I've wanted to tell you both, for some time now, how much I enjoy MOP! Between you ladies and the others at Compuserve, I'm able to keep my sanity as I get closer to retirement...which may be never! But you help me cope. Thanks. Tapadh leat.

  7. Did you see Merih's photoshopped version on Compuserve?

  8. Carla,

    I much prefer Merih's souped-up version, lol!!!

  9. Awwww Thanks Dru! You guys help us keep our sanity, too! I just read a book that I didn't blog about and I was a wreck the whole time!

    Carla - ooooh noooo - I'll go look! Jennifer J's recommendation is tremendous!