Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Song in the Daylight

I have a non-Outlander question for y'all:

Has anyone read "A Song in the Daylight" by Paullina Simons (The Bronze Horseman)?  I finished two days ago and - no matter how hard I try - I cannot begin to kick these characters out of my brain. 


  1. If it's anything like TBH I feel bad for you because you probably NEED to discuss!!

    I wish I could help! :-(

  2. I have the book and plan to read it when I'm done with A Breath of Snow and Ashes which is kind of moving slow for me. Anyway, as soon as I get it read I'll post a comment. I assume you liked it?

  3. I did like it - a lot. But it's a tough read. And not because it isn't good - but because of the subject matter. You literally wish you could have helped the characters in some way after reading this book.

    See? It won't let me go!

  4. I know. It's like watching a train wreck. You feel guilty for staring............but heck if you can turn your head.

  5. Oh Carol, I wish I could help. I haven't read it, but now you've got me curious. I've searched for it at my library but they don't have it. Maybe Paullina needs to send me the book and then I could help you. ;)

    I've read Tully and that book messed with my head for weeks afterwards.

  6. Hildy,
    pretty sure ASITD is available from your local bookstore........or on Kindle.

    Have you read "Red Leaves"? The more I hear about this Spencer-guy, the more I WANT to see what all the commotion is about.

  7. Oooh what's Red Leaves? Is that Paullina, too?

    I need to discuss A Song in the Daylight. I should tack it on as a pre-chat chat tomorrow night.

    SPOILERS: Jennifer - I think it's the ending. It just keeps the situation forever unchanged in its misery (if that makes ANY sense). And ALSO - the end wasn't clear - I wonder if Paullina ever toyed with the possibility of a sequel, which I'd LOVE.

  8. Yes, I think it's Red Leaves, then A Girl In Times Square (or Lily, depending where you live?). You should put the word out and "blog" whilst reading it/them. It's way fun reading along with ya!


    How about that FIRST encounter???? Talk about shock and awe..........holy. I don't think Larissa would be truly happy anywhere. Do you?

    I wish I had read this during my "man-hating days" (roughly aged 17-19). That horseback scene at the end was incredible. Talk about girlpower!! But really, what the heck was she supposed to do after he said THAT and did THAT!!??

  9. I read earlier this year and I have to say I was haunted by these characters for weeks. I had to read something lite and fluffy after. Paullina does that, her books don't tend to have HEA. Read the her book THE GIRL IN TIMES SQUARE very good also and also TULLY.

  10. Monica,
    I'm sure I read on Paullina's Facebook that she has "another story" for Spencer and Lily!! Ask me how much I looooooooooove sequels?

  11. Jennifer J - SPOILERS:

    I was flabbergasted when I read the scene where he's going on and on about his wonderful live SANS HER and she's just sitting there like "I can't believe this". I actually felt bad for her. I never hated her. I hated what she did - but I felt and still feel that she was extremely messed up and needed much more psychiatric help than just a weekly visit with Kavanaugh (who didn't seem to help at all - maybe even the oposite.)

    And what's odd is...I don't hate Kai, either! I think he was young...and had a really restless heart...and she should have known better the second she got involved with him. (Wow what a scene! Against the wall! Yowsa!)

    Exhale. I had to get all of that out. There is much more where that came from. Lorddddd there's much more where that came from!

  12. Jennifer J.,

    Thanks I didn't know she was thinking of a sequel, WOW I so excited!
    I know what you mean I was in complete shock after that scene and I agree, part of me was a bit angry at Kai but she was the mother who left her children! That I cannot forgive and she did it so cowardly too!!!

    On a side note: Here is a book recomendation for all of you - Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor. It's an old book but very good. No a cookie cutter romance for sure!

    I'm new to this site and I'm so enjoying chatting with my fellow Outlander Fans!!

  13. So I finally started this book and am about 1/3 through it. SO DIFFERENT from the Bronze Horseman trilogy. Alexander was a man most women (including me!) would love, despite his flaws. Kai, IMO, is not. I cannot for the life of me understand what she sees in him. Honestly, her own husband seems more attractive. I'm literally scared to keep reading....I can see where this is going....I think my problem is, I just don't care for either of the lead characters. But I will press on....

  14. SPOILER ALERT: Don't read unless you've read A Song in the Daylight by Paullina Simons.

    Julia, I was the same way. I think what had me intrigued from the beginning was Larissa's daily routine - because it's so close to my own. I schedule everything around school pick-up. Gotta get to yoga, get the dog groomed and go to Target and pick up xyz...but gotta get back in time to be at the parking lot by 3:00...2:30 if it's raining. It's a daily cycle that you don't even think about; you just do. Unless you're Larissa and someone like Kai comes along. And we go "So what? This guy's nothing compared to her husband"...only she's been with her husband for so long, she forgets how great he is.

    You will see how it sucks you in. And no, Kai is NO Shura...but it somehow sucks you in.

  15. Carol, I understand what you are saying about Larissa's life mirroring your own regarding the schedule - same at this end - I also have to pick up the 3 kids at 3:00, and have to schedule all the daily doings so I can be there on time - including dog groomings. :) But unlike Larissa, I didn't start this kind of routine until I was much older - I didn't marry till I was 38, and for fifteen years before, lived in Manhattan as a single woman. Such a different life now.

  16. Julia - what really got me was the constant "2:15...2:27...2:32". Isn't that so true of the way it is? Once you get within the hour window of pick up, you keep checking your watch. WOW that book was just haunting for me. All of it was my life...except for Kai. And the personal organizer. And the designer clothes. LOL!!

  17. The story went from cookie cutter boring to absolutely unbelievable then depressing,
    It haunted me for days