Monday, April 6, 2020

Happy Birthday MOP Tracey!!

How cute is this wee one??? Please join me in wishing MOP Tracey a very


I have promised Tracey we will celebrate on the water with plentiful amounts of chardy, her fave, just as soon as this dreadful Coronapocalypse quarantine is over and done with !!! 

And Margaritas. Can't forget the margaritas!

Practicing for MOP Videos!

It's allll mine, bitches. 

This is what I think of the birthday-strangling Quarantine! 

Hop on, y'all! OUTLANDER full steam ahead!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Tracey!!!! Hope you celebrate while staying in place 🥳 🍷🍰

  2. Happy Birthday Tracey! Hope your day is terrific!!
    Love the photos!

  3. Happy Birthday Tracey and many more! There will be happy times again. Thanks to you and Carol for being lights in the darkness. I am sorry your trip was cancelled. Good times will come again.

  4. Happy birthday Tracy! Is that Patz R’s famous frosting on that cake???😃

  5. Happy Birthday Tracey. Celebrated my own last week - thank heavens or Zoom. Had a lovely virtual party with all my kids and grands. Wasn't the norm, but then again nothing is these days. Hugs!!❤️🎉🎂🍷