Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Ballad of Roger Mac Recap 2.0...with THIRD SISTER JILL!

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  1. I totally agree with the “Reunions Discussion”. We “Book” readers probably tended to love the J/C reunion *because* it was low-key. We know how deep their love is from going on the entire, (thus far) journey with them. Of course it would come out of left field for a Jamie! 20 years is a loooong time - he was resigned to the fact that his one Love was gone to him forever. Yes, we were passed at his reaction to Bree’s photos, and going on and on (and on!) about William, but the reunion itself was pretty much how you would expect. Also agree that J/B reunion was even better than having read it.

  2. Did not proof before hitting Publish. Sorry!

  3. I have been watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Acorn which is free right now. I love it.

  4. I agree - this is totally Groundhog's Day!! Every day is the same as the last; doesn't feel like Easter at all. Don't have any Easter candy - no jelly beans, no Peeps, no chocolate bunnies (BOO HOO). I run into the grocery store and get whatever I can find and am spending a fortune! No time to find sale items, even if they are there, just grab whatever meat is left. And I just realized how much I hate cooking - I am cooking meals constantly for my hubby and 2 grown sons who never stop eating. A good thing I had a case of wine before this all began. Running low - maybe the liquor store delivers?! Great to see Third Sister Jill - I am so like her with technology :)
    My best to all!
    GJ gal