Sunday, April 12, 2020

MOP Video: Season 5, Episode 508: "Famous Last Words" RECAP

My Outlander Purgatory's Tracey and Carol are back to recap the latest episode of Season 5 of Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's best selling book series. Join us as we break down every moment, including what made us literally scream with joy; why we’d be way distracted in Professor Wakefield’s class; what we thought of Bree and Roger’s newfound love of silent films; how Claire would conquer Coronavirus; how much we’d like to check out what’s in Lord John’s box; Jocasta and her lost LOVAH; why Tracey has decided to overlook the This Is Us treatment of Lord John and his ability to travel to the Ridge; why Joanna Gaines must be on the Big House payroll; how Jem is now aging in soap opera years; Bree’s undiscovered musical talents; why the “JAMMF and Claire playing tag with Jem” is everything we didn’t know we needed; how worrying about John Bell as a Mohawk kept us up at night (needlessly, thank god!!); why the reunion was a little underwhelming for us (and don’t at us, bro!!); why the tarot cards raised our eyebrows; why Lizzie has become the new Daisy from Downton; a debate on the bond between Ian and Marsali; the underlying meaning of the silent movie; the AMAZING performance from John Bell; and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

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  1. I really LOVED this episode ... the best one in my opinion of this season. Acting was superb by everyone even Sophie. On the STARZ App, the recap by the producers explains the meaning behind the creativity of the silent movie parts. I loved every part of this episode so I will have to respectfully disagree with Carol’s opinion. However, I knew watching it that it would be a hard one for her. I know being a widow myself that certain things are hard to watch. I couldn’t watch a crime show or anything with violence for awhile. Also, a soppy love story on the Hallmark Channel was a no go. At least I could still listen to music. Anyway, you gals keep having fun and I hope that celebrity will make him/her know. Love you gals!

  2. Hi MOP ladies. Like Carol, I respected the creative decision regarding the silent movie treatment, but got annoyed with it by the 3rd or so repeat.

    On my rewatch, I had a thought about Marsali. During her tarot reading session, she picked the lover card for herself. It was also mentioned in the porch stairway scene with Young Ian that the baby's coming soon. Which made me think that some Fergus Lamaze might be in the cards?

  3. I put my feelz in a Twitlonger message (pasted below) and I have to go to bed early tonight - BEFORE listening to this recap (I'll do that tomorrow morning), but I love you guys and usually keep refreshing on Sundays until your recap shows up!


    I've been "sitting with" this episode for almost 24 hours now and I have to say I love it even more, the more I think about it.

    Putting Young Ian and Roger together was brilliant. They both spent time with the Mohawk, Ian sacrificed himself for Roger, and they're both broken men. The "chemistry" of having those two together was a great move, IMO. I thought maybe it would be Roger who took the water hemlock, but he saved Young Ian from making an irreversible choice and found meaning for himself again. Ian's pushback to Roger, pointing out all Roger had to live for was compelling.

    [As an aside regarding the book: was it very smart to send Roger off into the wilderness by himself???]

    There's a lot of controversy in the fandom about the silent movie device, but I think it was a great VISUAL (and condensed) way to show, NOT TELL, us what Roger was thinking and feeling. Having Richard do voiceovers wasn't a good option. The PTSD/flashbacks were well-portrayed and Roger's agony (on many levels) was brilliantly evoked by the stellar acting of Richard Rankin.

    Marsali's sitting on the steps and just talking to Young Ian was a step toward Young Ian being back becoming normal and part of the family. It also was a good callback to their shared life in Scotland before they all ended up in North America.

    Jamie just sitting with Ian and not trying to fix him or console him or question him or push him to open up was, IMO, a good example of how sometimes we can just BE THERE for someone going through a rough time.

    Germain coming up and touching Young Ian's face and asking about his tattoos was such a normal kid thing to do.

    John Bell was riveting as the broken-spirited Young Ian. (Serious question: has he actually grown TALLER since joining the cast?) He was so despondent, so serious, so different from the Young Ian we have seen before. Kudos to John Bell (and I was thrilled to see Rollo again!)

    I am not a book purist. The books are the books and the show is the show. That said, I think the producers and writers are really getting to the essence of Diana's story, if not the details we're used to. I think the innovations are - for the MOST part - an enhancement and a way to think about the themes of Diana's work in new ways, see the story through new eyes.

    We heard Sophie Skelton AND Maria Doyle Kennedy AND Richard Rankin sing. That's a win right there!

    Hubby and I loved it and both of us give it a big THUMBS UP!

  4. I am really enjoying this season and the MOP breakdowns.
    As a bookreader, I understand why many things are left out or changed. I don't understand why they change little things, like Brianna saying she didn't graduate from college. Why change that? Why take her achievement away. I have noticed that some of the story variations take a heroic act away from Claire and give it to a male character. Do heroines have to be less on tv?

  5. Bree's "aluminium and jumper" comment was her saying "If you don't speak, I'll teach Jem the American English vs. your British English versions of words": Sweater = jumper, and aluminum = aluminium...

  6. Beautiful, beautiful episode - my favorite this season. I gasped when I realized it was Ian, took me a few seconds and I am a book reader. I agree with MOP that Jamie's response to seeing Ian was totally wrong and non-book readers should agree. It needed to be more as it is truly amazing that Ian is back!!
    Your recaps are wonderful and I have just subscribed to your Youtube videos!! And love, love, love Schitt$ Creek (still crying over it ending. Watch the extra episode with the making of the final season; you will be crying at how amazing that show was and its impact on us all!)
    And now I am searching for your wine recommendations - just hope my liquor store delivers!!
    Be well my friends :)
    GJ gal

  7. Loved this episode! I didn't mind the b/w trauma memory scenes with Roger as I found them more emotive without sound and color. I could empathize with what Roger felt in those moments without the distraction of auditory or color cues. The emotions this technique elicited for me did become too much, so I would have preferred fewer of the scenes.

    As to Lord John's speedy travels, I think more travel was done by water in those days as it was much faster. So, he would sail down from VA to NC then "rent" a horse or have his horse shipped with him. Still, the travel would take about a week, but makes it more easily doable every few months.

    Like you, all book readers, actually, I anxiously awaited Ian's return and was gobsmacked watching this episode as I expected to see him later in the season!! His angst is palpable, like Roger's. I loved the mirror they provided for each other while surveying. (BTW, if you google astrolabe there are pictures of examples just like the one in this episode, but I think they were used more in ship navigation than surveying as they were used before sextants were invented).

    Carol and Tracy, thank you for providing a welcome distraction to the bad scifi reality we find ourselves in these days. Please, everyone, remember by keeping physically distanced, wearing masks, washing hands, etc., we are all doing our part to combat this disease. It may not seem like much individually, but with all of us doing it together, the difference is HUGE!!

  8. Hi...just an FYI because you liked it so much...
    Jocasta sings "Flowers of the Forest" which is a very old Scottish Lament.
    It's about the battle of "Flodden" in the 15th century and how the young women missed and mourned the young men who didn't come home.
    It's still often played at the funeral service of Scottish soldier's