Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carol and Tracey Freak the Freak Out

OK so earlier Tracey called to make sure I knew Diana had commented on my birthday post... and we were both on the phone giggling and congratulating ourselves on being masters of the universe (totally ganked that line from Titanic.)

And we were still on the phone when we realized Diana had linked to My Outlander Purgatory on her links page. You have no idea how exciting that is for me. A year ago I found out my neighbor's mother in law had done some work with Diana in Arizona... and I had hopes that some day Diana might just hear about the blog. Just HEAR about it. And I freaked out then, saying "Oh my gosh - maybe some day she'll hear about the blog!"  So today... to see her comment...AND to see that she thought enough of us to link to us on her site... wow. Just... wow. 

And I figured I'd never be able to explain to you how excited I was. And Tracey was. Until Tracey sent me this picture of herself freaking out at work. And until I realized my 6 year old son, Ian, was wandering around the house, making a video with his new camera. And do you know what that means?? It means my freak-out was recorded. Complete with my daughter yelling "Be quiet! Be quiet!" SO funny.

So without further ado... I give you... myself... sounding like.... an IDIOT!

PS - Please ignore my messy house! Had I known we were filming, I'd have spruced up a bit!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS, MOP!!!! I can totally relate to the video (which is amazing, by the way!)- when I saw that my Pumpking Homage was mentioned on the site, I literally screamed at the top of my lungs and practically had a heart attack! What an exciting day!! Yay!!

  2. Oops, that should be "Pumpkin" not "Pumpking"...I'm so excited that I can't type straight, yall!!

  3. Wowza! I have to catch up on posts here to see what went down...

    btw, that's my new favorite MOP video (-;

  4. congratulations! I'm exited for you. Happy dance!!!

  5. Congrats to Bri!!!! The pumpkin homage is soooooo well deserved! :-)

  6. Thanks guys. :) And Tracey's right, Bri. That was QUITE an homage. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on JAMMF's pumpkins. ;)

  7. Just got back from the new site - love that MOP is there, The Pumpkin is The Best, and I also love the picture of Karen. I think you should order cheerleader outfits & pom-poms for all of you...plaid skirts, of course!

    Lots of fun - congratulations!

  8. Carol, this video made me laugh so hard!! While I was in the car yesterday on our way home from school (my highchool is awesome by the way) I was on facebook on my phone and then I went to your guyses blog and I gasped and started jumping up and down in my seat. It wass eriously funny!
    My brother was like "what!?" "WHAT?!?"

    Anyways, I saw the link. you guys are sooooooo freaking lucky!! AHHH


  9. OMG! LOL! Y'all are great and the video is real life. ; )

  10. Oh my goodness!! I am giddy for you! That is so exciting!! That video was so freakin' funny! I couldn't stop laughing!!

  11. Yay Tracey and Carol! I'm SO excited for you guys :-) MOP deserves it! If I were DG I would love it tooooo. Congratssss! and love the video - priceless! You guys are so cute.