Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just want to throw a monstrous HAPPY BIRTHDAY out there to "Herself" - Diana Gabaldon - founder, author and patron saint of the Outlander series.

We hope you have a fantastic day... and we will totally understand if you need to stop writing for a little while to celebrate your big day. :)

Là breith sona dhuit!!!!!!


Karen Henry said...

And for all of you on Twitter, you can help Diana celebrate by tagging your tweets today with #HappyBDayDG !

That was Tracey's idea, from the MOP chat last night. It's working great so far! Let's see how many people will do it.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Diana!!!

Cute video, too.

Diana Gabaldon said...

ROF,L!! Moran taing, y'all!


lesley said...

happy birthday diana
hope you,re having a fab day
lesley (in the uk)

Anonymous said...

Of course, a wish for the loveliest day to Diana the Great!

.....and a BIG applause to Carol for the perfect musical accompaniment! You're far too clever for your own good, Carol.


writex3 said...

v. cool - both the birthday and the famous drop-in! Here's to 59 more, DG...think of all the Outlander books you could write in that time!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks DG looks more like 39 than 59 ???!!!
Happy squeezed-out-yer-momma's-hoochie-day DG.