Friday, January 21, 2011

A Very Outlander Holiday


ChristieH said...

OMG! I'm the 1st commenter tonight!!! Squeeeeee

Love you guys. Love your Momma. Love your matching (Christmas?) scarves.

Thanks for making me smile on a regular basis!

writex3 said...

You make me smile, too (((-:

I esp. like the visual of how Jamie would be applying(?) his own accupuncture needles.

Terry said...

Carol, I'm right with you on DIA. Also listening to LJ's Brotherhood of the Blade and developing a deeper appreciation of him.
For your methadone list: The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. 1941 Leningrad, but the story has a similar flavor to Outlander. Young lovers separated by war make sacrifices to save each other's lives.

Angela Fielding said...

Love Davina Porter!! So glad your re-kilting with her! She's awesome! Audible needs to get with it, and get BOSAA and FC unabridged asap! Listening to anyone else narrate Outlander... just feels dirty and wrong!hehe

Karen Henry said...

Great videos! I loved the first one; your reaction to the whole "Diana's birthday" thing was just priceless. :-) And I appreciate the kind words, but I have to point out that the #HappyBdayDG thing was in fact Tracey's idea, brought up in chat. I just helped spread the word about it.

As for the idea of a Skype Let me think about that. I know I've got a webcam around here somewhere, but I hardly ever use it.

Talk to y'all on Monday!

P.S. Did you see my recent blog post about my pick to play Lord John? I'd love to know what the two of you think about him!


Karen Henry said...


That's not Audible's fault. Look here for Diana's explanation of the licensing issues involved. We should be getting FIERY CROSS on audible sometime in 2011, though we don't know the exact date.

And yes, Davina Porter is awesome! :-)


Karen Henry said...

P.S. I just gave you a blog award!

I don't know if you participate in these blog awards or not, so it's up to you whether you want to pass it on. But it's well-deserved!


DedaMc97 said...

I think Mr. Willoughby will return--and I am listening to Voyager. Jamie calls the accupuncture needles, "Wee Stabbers" in Voyager. And, Katherine is the best of Anya's.

Anonymous said...

First of all your videos were extra entertaining today.

Second of all I had nothing to do today. And I mean to take my time finishing ABOSNA because I don't have Echo yet, so I am not reading til tonight. Anyway I got on your playlists today and have been near tears I don't know how many times! I added many of the songs to my ipod. It makes me want to do a re-read right now and not start Echo yet since I know how it ends and I am no ready for that. So thank you for the playlists.


Tuwanda said...

Okay. I'm a fast reader once a start a book. I have reached a point where I can recite some parts of all Diana's books. So, I have had to do the same thing as you guys and take a breather once and awhile.

I don't mean to promote a local writer, but I discovered PC Cast's House of Night books when my students started reading them. They're pretty good, vamps with an Oklahoma mix of Native American legends and folklore.

However, I just recently discovered PC's Goddess books, and I think I have discovered a couple of Jamie-type characters in Goddess of the Rose and Goddess of Spring. Not to give up too much info, the Beast and the Lord of the Underworld are tortured, lonely men who need the care of a woman who can give love unconditionally. The stories are not complicated or long [about 325 pages] but the love scenes are hot, steamy, and definitely worth the wait. PC knows how to build up the sexual tension and dangle scintillating scenes under your nose, like Hades in a loincloth, covered in sweat pounding hot metal. How can you go wrong with sweat, fire and hot delicious abs?

BTW, the latest House of Night book [Burned] features Scotland and Clan Wallace!

Anonymous said...

Also just read your favorite posts. "Jamie-1, Claire-0" was just about the funniest thing I have ever read!....Saturday is a slow day for me if you can't tell.

Zan Marie said...

Ladies, I've given you an award. Check out my blog. ; )

writex3 said...

I never noticed your 'best of' section until above commenter pointed out. Love it! Esp the bringin' in back since 1741 one...LOL.

Brandy said...

Anonymous, I enjoy the House of Night books too and lived the Scotland bit in the last 2 books. Although Stark all of a sudden wearing a kilt and having an accident in the book that just came out threw me a bit. I will say that I think she needs to wrap up the series soon, they are dragging a bit for me!

And I definitely second The Bronze Horseman series! My second fav next to Outlander. I would love to see what Carol & Tracey think of them and Alexander!! I think he gives Jamie a serious run for his money and would love to see a debate about it!

Brandy said...

Oops!! I meant "loved the Scotland bit" and Stark's accent! This darn iPhone autofill & auto correct! :)

Jo M said...

1. Love Tracey's twitter reason for seeing The King's Speech ;)

2. Found this absolutely hilarious/awesome retelling of North & South. SPOILERS if you haven't seen it!

Jo M said...

Didn't the mail get a lot more dependable at this time?

Jo M said...

Skype! Skype! Skype! That would be super exciting! I will now stop monopolizing your comments ;)

Purgatory Carol said...

Just got around to watching these in their entirety...and have two questions:

1) How many more times can I fix my hair?! How totally ANNOYING!!! Lordddddddd how annoying!

2) How in the name of all that's holy did I segue from Skyping during Monday night Chat... to my bad lipstick?

I am a freak. That is all there is to it.

Anonymous said...

love the videos! always drink huge glasses of wine, make sure you spill the wine, adjust your lipstick, fix your hair, play the piano, and have the kids and PatsyR and family cheering in the background! what a hoot! just make sure anyone you skype with is also drinking big glasses of white wine. how about setting up a My Mr. Willowby Purgatory--that's your next blog, Carol. I miss him, too! --Julie