Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brenda Novak Fights Diabetes and we ALL Win!

As the wife of a kidney donor and the sister-in-law of that kidney's recipient - all due to DIABETES - I am thrilled to share this wonderful story about author Brenda Novak with you. (Oh yeah...and there is a lunch with Diana Gabaldon. NOT TOO SHABBY, Y'ALL!)


  1. Thanks for mentioning this Carol. I am going to bid on the luncheon with DG -- how cool would that be? Also, I wanted to mention that I think I heard about Monarch of the Glen from you or Karen. I love them! Love the kilts, love the characters, and it does indeed feel like Scottish sustenance! Love your blog!

  2. You are commended for this boost of Novak's annual Diabetes Fundraiser!

    Lovely of DG to lend her support, too.