Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jealous, Party of ME?

How cool would it be to go chat with Diana Gabaldon at your local library?  NOT TOO SHABBY!!!


  1. Super cool. I don't think many people in my little town have heard of Diana and her books (I am spreading the word as best I can )so I could have the pleasure of her company all to myself :-)
    -selfish me? nooo.

  2. DG blogged about this sometime recently, and even reading about it then I got jealous!

    BTW, you've already met her once, so what are you whining about?? Share the love, Carol! ;-)

  3. I am super jealous and can't wait for her to visit NZ again. But who am I kidding...I would be so nervous that the ability to form words would totally leave me.
    BTW....I have a new suggestion for a good canditate to play Jamie if ever there were a movie. Drew MacIntyre of the WWE.

  4. Carol,
    Did you know that you can bid on a lunch with Diana in NYC? Check out the Brenda Novak auction site, I think bidding ends early next week.