Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Forty Five Project

All of you Outlander-loving lads and lassies - SIT DOWN.  Wait until you hear about this amazing project called "The Forty Five Project".  It is run by a woman named Judith Crow who wants to tell the story of the Jacobite uprising in a major motion picture...starting with Charles Stuart's arrival in Scotland in 1745 and ending with his fleeing the country in 1746. 

What a FANTASTIC idea.  Not only could this be a good, solid film...but it could also bring awareness to the Jacobite uprising of 1745 and the mass genocide of the Scottish Highlands that took place after the Battle of Culloden. 

Let's help Judith spread the word!!!


  1. This sounds great! I hope it gets made (and the Outlander series :) before I kick the bucket! Five Macintyre's died and five were injured at Culloden. They fought under Stewart of Appin's regiment. (I am mymacintyre on chat) Thank's for keeping us all informed. You do a great job!

  2. Wait a minute...maybe I am sanderson on chat. That's what a confused menopausel mind does to you! :(

  3. Thanks MyMac! And you are "MyMac" on chat, right? And believe me - my mind is notttttt what it used to be, either! :)

  4. Yup, I am mymac on chat. LOL I think I am sanderson on compuserve.