Monday, July 16, 2012

Clay and Christie Attend the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Here are two photos Christie sent me over the weekend.

Hopefully we'll get all the dirt at chat tonight!

Does Clay not rock this kilt?!

Whoa!  Was Shura there??  Oops!  Wrong blog! 


  1. yep... Jamie... Shura... Clay....

    sigh :)


  2. I was there too!!! It was so much fun! I wished I had known other MOP peeps would be there. We could have looked for eachother. We camped at the games all week. It was GREAT! Even saw a Jamie-esque fella (tall, nicely built, nice legs, in a kilt and shoulder length red hair tied back) doing Highland wrestling (sans shirt). Even my husband gave a Jamie-like cough (in that Highland way) and glanced at me sideways - oh yes, he knew what I was thinking. :) -- My own 4 year old red headed wee bairn did a bit of wrestling too. Next year I will have him wear a kilt!

    Seriously the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are definately worth attending.

  3. This was my 2nd year @ Grandfather Mountain Highland Games., camping. So how can we all get together next year?

  4. Julia, this was our 1st year camping but we loved it so much that we are already excited about going next year. I saw several people who set their campers up in a square position to create a courtyard like setting. That would be a blast to do with Outlander buddies. Count my family in for 2013! Email me sometime. Maybe we can get more MOP fans to go!

  5. Ugh...bummer I didn't go to chat..Will have to try to get the scoop! Looks like so much fun!!

  6. Totally rocking the kilt, Clay. Love the Browns shirt to go with it! LOL.

    Oh and the toast to TBH is perfect as well. Hopefully that vodka was ICE COLD. I'll bet it was hot there!