Thursday, July 19, 2012

Read The Book

Oh my gosh - I have to credit "Anonymous" for putting this thought into my head:

Can't you just see us all during the Emmy's in - what - 2014?   Outlander will be leading in the nominations...and we're all going to be SO ANNOYED about the bandwagon jumpers who are saying how much they love the show - but haven't even read the books.  LOL!

I guess I should really plan on reading Game of Thrones since I love the show so much!!


  1. Annoyed won't quite cover it... I am so scared!

  2. True Carol, I am stuck on book 2 of GOT...but I will put some effort into it and finish it up before I watch S2

  3. Re: GOT--I've actually found it easier to watch the series FIRST, and then read the corresponding book--I'm finding that it's easier to keep all the characters and houses straight, and the differences between the show and the book (there are more in book 2) are not so different that I get completely lost by them. I've got maybe 1/4 more of book 2 to go, and it's going pretty quickly at this point...

  4. Carol, my thoughts exactly! We all feel so possessive of the series and suddenly it's going to be hip! By the way, I'm anonymous.....

    1. Hi Dawn! And no worries. We here at MOP will make it our business to remind the tv series fans of our unwavering loyalty (and unflagging joy) on a daily basis! ;)

  5. Sounds good.